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Chemistry: A Hundred Years of. F. W. Clarke 73
"Calcium, Metallic. (Frag.) 283
"Hydrogen, The Solidification of. (Frag.) 618
"New Element, Another. (Frag.) 509
Children, Literature for. (Frag.) 619
China, Trade Corporations in. M. Courant 722
Christian Religion Declining? Is the. C. A. Briggs 423
City Roadways, Modern. N. P. Lewis* 524
Civilized and Savage. (Frag.) 141
Clarke, F. W. A Hundred Years of Chemistry 673
"""The Man of Science in Practical Affairs 487
Climate and Carbonic Acid. (Frag.) 621
Colored Labor, Educated. (Frag.) 141
Columbus, Ohio, Geology of. (Frag.) 141
Commission in Difficulties, A. (Table) 614
Cook, O. "Ribbon Lightning"* 587
Courant, M. Trade Corporations in China 722
Criminal Jurisprudence, Decline of, in America. G. C. Speranza 466
Criminology: Anarchist, A Paradoxical. C. Lombroso* 312
"Typical Criminals. Rev. S. A. Smith* 539

Dairy, Bacteria of the. (Frag.) 284
"Dark Lightning." (Frag.) 505
Dastre, M. A. The Scavengers of the Body 379
Dawson, Sir William, Death of. (Frag.) 390
Democracy, Real Problems of. F. Smith 1
Destruction of the Birds. (Frag.) 393
Development of the American Newspaper. W. L. Hawley* 186
Diamonds, Emigrant, in America. William H. Hobbs* 73
Dover Meeting of the British Association. (Frag.) 135
Dowd, C. F. Forenoon and Afternoon 492

Eaton, D. Cady. The Science of Art Form* 685
Economics: A More Excellent Way. (Table) 729
"Commission in Difficulties, A. (Table) 614
"Monopolies, The War against. (Frag.) 508
"Pawnshops in Germany. (Frag.) 736
"Pension Funds for Railroad Men. (Frag.) 734
"Taxation, A State Official on Excessive, F. Smith 645
Economy, A Question of. (Frag.) 283
Education: An English University. H. Stotesbury* 14
"Cross-. E. W. Scripture* 589
"Language and Life. (Table) 503
"Liberal, and Democracy. (Table) 385
"Literature for Children. (Frag.) 619
"Plantations for Rural School Grounds. (Frag.) 393
"Specialization. (Table) 125
"The Environment in. (Frag.) 391
Egyptian Exploration, Recent Years of. W. M. Flinders Petrie 625
Eigenmann, C. H. Blind Fishes of North America* 473
Electricity: Dark Lightning. (Frag.) 505
"From Thales to Faraday. E. T. Lesueur 242