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Japanese Paper. (Frag.) 389
Jew, The Dread of the. (Frag.) 280
Jordan, D. S. Old Rattler and the King Snake 371
"""The Education of the Neminist 176
Jordan's (President) Neminism. A. Pangloss 494

"Kissing Bugs" and Spider Bites. L. O. Howard 31
Klondike, A Year's Progress in the. A. Heilprin* 455

Language and Life. (Table) 503
Law: Criminal Jurisprudence, Decline of, in America. G. C. Speranza 466
Le Conte, Joseph. A Century of Geology 431
Le Conte, Joseph. A Century of Geology 546
Lesquereux and Sullivant, Honors to. (Frag.) 285
Lesueur, E. A. Electricity from Thales to Faraday 242
Lewis, N. P. Modern City Roadways* 524
Literature for Children. (Frag.) 619
Lombroso, C. A Paradoxical Anarchist* 312

Malaria, The Mosquito Theory. Major R. Ross 42
Malay Folklore. R. C. Ford 239
Man of Science in Practical Affairs. F. W. Clarke 487
"Manuring with Brains." (Frag.) 731
Medalists, Royal Society. (Frag.) 620
Medicine: Plague Antitoxin. (Frag.) 732
"Rats and the Plague. (Frag.) 509
Meteorology: Climate and Carbonic Acid. (Frag.) 621
Mexico, Prosperity and Enterprise in. (Frag.) 283
Mineralogy: Emigrant Diamonds in America. William H. Hobbs* 73
Miracle, A Thirteenth-Century. (Frag.) 394
Monopolies, The War against. (Frag.) 508
Montana, Alkali Soils in. (Frag.) 734
Mosquito Theory of Malaria, The. Major R. Ross 42
Munroe, E. C. The Applications of Explosives* 300
Munroe, E. C. The Applications of Explosives* 444

Natural History: "Salamanders" and "Salamander" Cats. K. Robinson* 556
""Whales, Longevity of. (Frag.) 618
Negro Question: Educated Colored Labor. (Frag.) 141
""Transplantation of a Race. N. S. Shaler 513
Neminism, President Jordan's. A. Pangloss 494
Neminist, The Education of the. D. S. Jordan 176
New York Botanical Garden's Museum. (Frag.) 733
""Glacial Lakes in. (Frag.) 391
Nome, The Gold Sands of Cape. Angelo Heilprin* 633

Ocean Depths, Animals of the. (Frag.) 736
"The Deeps of the. (Frag.) 390
Old Rattler and the King Snake. D. S. Jordan 371
Ophir, The Site of. (Frag.) 736
Oregon, Eastern Oyster Culture in. F. L. Washburn* 233