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Ornithology: Birds, Destruction of the. (Frag.) 393
"Sand Grouse, The. (Frag.) 392
"Wingless Birds. P. Glangeaud 254
"Winter Birds in a City Park. J. B. Carrington* 366
Orton, Edward, Sketch of. (Portrait) 607
Outdoor Improvement, For. (Frag.) 284
Oyster Culture, Eastern, in Oregon. F. L. Washburn* 233

Packard, R. L. Remarkable Volcanic Eruptions in the Philippines 374
Pangloss, A. President Jordan's "Neminism" 494
Paper, Japanese. (Frag.) 389
Paris Exposition in 1900, The, and Congresses. (Frag.) 140
Park-making among the Sand Dunes, (Frag.) 139
Parliamentary Amenities Committee, The. (Frag.) 137
Parsons, C. A. Steam Turbines and High-Speed Vessels* 696
Patrick, Mary M. Woman's Struggle for Liberty in Germany 328
Pawnshops in Germany. (Frag.) 736
Pearl Mussels. (Frag.) 621
Pension Funds for Railroad Men. (Frag.) 734
Periodicity of War. (Frag.) 735
Perrot, G. Value of the Study of Art 204
Petrie, W. M. Flinders. Recent Years of Egyptian Exploration 625
Physical Investigation, Where it fails. (Frag.) 284
"Measurements of Asylum Children. (Frag.) 138
Physiology: Scavengers of the Body. M. A. Dastre 379
Plague Antitoxin. (Frag.) 732
"Rats and the. (Frag.) 509
Plantations for Rural School Grounds. (Frag.) 393
Plant Names, English. (Frag.) 140
Pseudo-Science: Neminist, The Education of the. D. S. Jordan 176
Psychology: Animals Reason? Do. Rev. E. R. Young* 105
"A Survival of Mediæval Credulity. E. P. Evans 577
"Morbid Sense of Injury, The. W. F. Becker, M. D. 596
""Warming Up." (Frag.) 506
Public Library, The Function of the. (Table) 616
Putnam, Professor, on the Origins of the American Races. (Frag.) 507
Pygmies, Amazonian, Stories of. (Frag.) 733

Rats and the Plague. (Frag.) 509
Religion, Is the Christian, Declining? C. A. Briggs 423
Religious Suicides. (Frag.) 731
"Ribbon Lightning." O. Cook* 587
Riemer, W. E. De. Agricultural Education in Foreign Countries 218
Rivet, M. B. Early Experiments in Air Flight 603
Roberts, Comptroller, on Excessive Taxation. F. Smith 645
Robinson, N. "Salamanders" and "Salamander" Cats* 556
Ross, Major R. The Mosquito Theory of Malaria 42
Royal Society Medalists. (Frag.) 620
"Salamanders" and Salamander" Cats. N. Robinson* 556

Sand Dunes, Park-making among. (Frag.) 139