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Sand Grouse, The. (Frag.) 392
Sanitation: Broom, The, as a Spreader of Disease, (Frag.) 734
Scavengers of the Body. M. A. Dastre 379
Science and Dogma. (Table) 728
"of Art Form, The. D. Cady Eaton* 685
"South-Sea Bubbles in. J. Trowbridge 401
"The Man of, in Practical Affairs. F. W. Clarke 487
Scripture, E. W. Cross-Education* 589
Sea "Water, Effect of, on Soil. (Frag.) 508
""on Cements, Action of. (Frag.) 733
Serviss, G. P. Scenes on the Planets* 337
Shaler, N. S. The Transplantation of a Race 513
Simplon Tunnel, The. (Frag.) 388
Smith, Rev. S. G. Typical Criminals* 539
"Franklin. A State Official on Excessive Taxation 645
Sociology: Democracy, Real Problems of. F. Smith 1
"Exact Methods in. F. H. Giddings 145
South-Sea Bubbles in Science. J. Trowbridge 401
Specialization. (Table) 125
Spencer, H. Professor Ward on Naturalism and Agnosticism 349
Speranza, G. C. Decline of Criminal Jurisprudence in America 466
Standard Time, How Obtained. T. B. Willson 213
Starch Factories, Genuine. B. D. Halsted* 716
Steamships, Sixty Years' Improvements in. (Frag.) 506
Steam Turbines and High-Speed Vessels. C. A. Parsons* 696
Sternberg, George M., Sketch of. (Portrait) 116
Stones, Floating. (Frag.) 735
Stotesbury, H. An English University* 14
St. Prokopy, A Thirteenth-Century. (Frag.) 394
Suicides, Religious. (Frag.) 731
Survival of Mediæval Credulity. E. P. Evans 577
Survival of Mediæval Credulity. E. P. Evans 706

Taxation, A State Official on Excessive. F. Smith 645
Theater Sanitation, Needed Improvements in. William P. Gerhard 84
Trolley Car, What makes the, go? William Baxter, Jr.* 316
Trolley Car, What makes the, go? William Baxter, Jr.* 408
Trolley Car, What makes the, go? William Baxter, Jr.* 564
Trowbridge, John. Latest Developments with the X Rays* 659
""South-Sea Bubbles in Science 401
""Wireless Telegraphy* 59

Vagrant Electricity, Destructive Effects of. H. S. Wynkoop* 357
Vaughan, V. C. Food Poisoning 47
Vinland and its Ruins. Cornelia Hofsford* 160
"The Location of. (Corr.) 500
Volcanic Eruptions in the Philippines, Remarkable. R. L. Packard 374

"Warming Up." (Frag.) 506
War, Periodicity of. (Frag.) 735
"Spirit, The. (Table) 501
Washburn, F. L. Eastern Oyster Culture in Oregon* 233
Whales, Longevity of. (Frag.) 618
Willson, T. B. How Standard Time is Obtained 213