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I N D E X.

Address before the American Association 197
Address before the American Association 308
Address to an Atom 639
Agriculture, Portuguese 378
Amœba, how it takes its Food 758
Anæsthetics and Metaphysics 638
Animal Movements 444
Animals not Automata 405
Anomalies, Facial 73
Antlers of Deer, Growth and Reproduction of 251
Apoplexy 705
Artificial Butter 122
"Furs 378
Atmosphere, The, in relation to Fog-Signaling. (Illustrated) 541
Atmosphere, The, in relation to Fog-Signaling. (Illustrated) 685
Automaton, A Human 253

"Backing Out" 366
Bacteria and their Effects. (Illustrated) 399
Ballooning Spider 635
Bears. (Illustrated) 281
Bells, Cheap Substitute for 381
Biology for Young Beginners. (Illustrated) 340
Biology for Young Beginners. (Illustrated) 574
Birds'-Nests 481
Black Death in Egypt 638
Bongos, their Food 766
Brain, Experiments on 376
Books noticed:
"The Building of a Brain" (Clarke) 115
"L'Astronomie Pratique" 117
"Journal of Speculative Philosophy" 118
"One Year of Science" 120
"Exposures in Fire-Insurance" (Ross) 120
"Introduction to Biology" (MacGinley) 120
"Statistical Atlas of the United States" 120
"The Transit of Venus" (Forbes) 121
"Prof. Tyndall's Belfast Address" 121
"The Physiology of Man" (Flint) 244
"Evolution and Progress" (Gill) 245
"Animal Mechanism" (Marey) 246
"The Maintenance of Health" (Fothergill) 248
"Cave-Hunting" (Dawkins) 249
"Qualitative Analysis" (Hill) 249
"Deutsche Rundschau" 250
"Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy" (Fiske) 367
"Light-Houses" (Elliot) 370
"History of the Conflict between Religion and Science" (Draper) 371
"Chemical and Geological Essays" (Hunt) 372|}