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The laboratory will undertake the training of observers for the various national organizations, the testing of instruments, the supply of standard sea-water for controlling salinity determinations, and also gas-analysis. It will also carry out experiments with improved apparatus and methods in order to ensure a degree of accuracy never before aimed at in work at sea. It was recommended that the laboratory should, if possible, be opened in October, and that the periodical cruises be commenced as soon as possible, but at the latest by the spring of 1903.



Dr. Alexander Agassiz and Lord Avebury have been appointed members of the Prussian order, 'pour le mérite.' We understand that Dr. Agassiz is the only American on whom this honor has been conferred except the historian Bancroft.—Dr. Wilhelm Wundt, the eminent psychologist and philosopher, celebrated his seventieth birthday on August 16. A volume of researches carried out by his former students was presented to him on the occasion.—M. Levasseur, professor of agriculture at the Collège de France, has been elected president of the French Association for the Advancement of Science. The Association will hold its meeting in 1903 at Angiers.—The Iron and Steel Institute of Great Britain held its meeting at Düsseldorf last month. Among those who made addresses at the opening meeting was Professor Henry M. Howe, of Columbia University. Mr. Andrew Carnegie has been elected president of the Institute.—The centenary of the birth of Hugh Miller was celebrated at Cromarty on August 22. The principal address was made by Sir Archibald Geikie. An address was also made by Dr. John M. Clarke, of Albany.—The centenary of the birth of the eminent mathematician, Abel, was celebrated at Christiania last month. On this occasion honorary degrees were given to a number of mathematicians, including Professors Simon Newcomb and J. Willard Gibbs.—The committee of the fund raised to commemorate the eightieth birthday of Professor Virchow announces that it has handed over a sum of over $12,000 to the Rudolf Virchow Foundation.—Gilbert White's house at Selbourne is for sale, and the suggestion is made by Mr. E. A. Martin, member of the council of the Selbourne Society, that it should be purchased as a permanent memorial of the father of British naturalists.