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I N D E X.

Academy and Order, New British 569
Action, Chemical, The Conditions of 94
Adaptation, Plant, A Study in, J. W. Toumey 483
Aerography, P. Lowell 385
Agriculture, A Graduate School of 475
"American Origin of, O. F. Cook 492
Alcoholic Teaching, The Abuse of 287
Almsgiving or Investments? Are Fellowships, W. A. Kellerman 472
"""D. S. Jordan 565
American, University, The 90
""Concerning, J. McK. Cattell 170
"Philosophical Society and the American Philosophical Association 91
"Association, Pittsburgh Meeting 283
"Association, Pittsburgh Meeting 380
"Anthropological Society 284
"Journals, Science in 474
Anthropological, American, Society 284
Antillean Volcanoes, W J McGee 272
Association, American 283
Association, American 380
"British 570
Atkinson, E., Social Bacteria and Economic Microbes, Wholesome and Noxious 317
Athletics, Domestic and Intercollegiate, C. M. Woodward 548

Bacteria, Social, and Economic Microbes, Wholesome and Noxious, E. Atkinson 317
"in Milk, The Comparative Growth of 479
Beet, Sugar, The, J. Waddell 157
Biographies of Eminent Chemists 92
Biographies of Eminent Chemists 189
Biographies of Eminent Chemists 477
Biological, Aspects, The Problem of Consciousness in its, C. S. Minot 289
"Marine, Laboratory, The Carnegie Institution and 473
Boas, F., An American Anthropological Society 284
Bolton's Scientific Correspondence of Joseph Priestley 93
Bostwick, A. E., Scientific Reading in a Public Library 524
Botanical Society of America and Funds for the Promotion of Research 381
Botany 183
British Order and Academy, The New 569
"Association 570
Bunge's Text-book of Physiological and Pathological Chemistry 379
Burr, W. H., The Panama Route for a Ship Canal 252
Burr, W. H., The Panama Route for a Ship Canal 304

Campbell's Text-book of Botany 183
Canal, Ship, The Panama Route for a, W. H. Burr 252
Canal, Ship, The Panama Route for a, W. H. Burr 304
Carnegie Institution and the Marine Biological Laboratory 473
Cattell, J. McK., Concerning the American University 170
Chelles, An Afternoon at, and the Earliest Evidences of Human Industry in France, A. S. Packard 81
Chemical Action, The Conditions of 94
Chemistry, Physiological 379
Chemists, Eminent, Biographies of 92
Chemists, Eminent, Biographies of 189
Chemists, Eminent, Biographies of 477
Chevreul's Contributions to Science 478
Children's Vocabularies, M. C. and H. Gale 45
College Professors, C. W. Super 565
Colours, a New Theory of Light and, Sir Isaac Newton 461
Commercial Value of Human Life, M. O. Leighton 120
Competition of the United States with the United Kingdom, J. Waddell 514
Conn, H. W., Bacteria in Milk 479
Consciousness, The Problem of, in its Biological Aspects, C. S. Minot 289
Contact-process, Sulfuric Acid and its Manufacture by, R. Kneitsch 24
Conversazione of the Royal Society 285
Cook, O. F., American Origin of Agriculture 492
Crook, A. R., An Ascent of Mt. Orizaba 528
Cunningham on Sexual Dimorphism in the Animal Kingdom 282

Dall, W. H., Introduction to the Definition of some Modern Sciences 99
Dalton's Atomic Theory 189
Dexter, E. G., A Study of Twentieth Century Success 241
Discussion and Correspondence 472
Discussion and Correspondence 565
Diseases, Infectious, A. Springer 72