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made good by contemplation of the best that either offers. And yet the impression that the garden makes on those whose comments reach the office, appears to be that of a place of beauty—and it is often a matter of surprise when I become critical of the dwarfing of individual plants that attends their massing either in the open air or in the

PSM V62 D210 The mausoleum.png

The Mausoleum.

crowded plant houses, to find that excellent specimen plants of hundreds of species are capable of disentanglement whenever they are needed for any particular use or can be allowed adequate space.

At the time of Mr. Shaw's death a fraction less than forty-five

PSM V62 D210 In the parterre.png

In the Parterre.

acres of land were included in the garden, divided into: garden proper, 9.4 acres; arboretum, 20.5; fruticetum, 8; lawn about residence, 2.7; grove about the mausoleum of the founder, who, by his own direction, is buried on the grounds, 0.6; and vegetable garden—the garden first laid out by Mr. Shaw, at the rear of his house—3.5 acres. Though