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changes cannot be held off indefinitely, the several parts of the garden as existing at the time of the organization of the board of trustees have thus far been maintained in much the form that they presented during Mr. Shaw's life.

PSM V62 D211 One of mr gurney lilies.png

One of Mr. Gurney's Lilies.

The central garden consists of a sunken parterre immediately facing the main gate, through which most visitors enter the grounds; a series of regular beds separated by low hedges, lying to the left and centered about a pavilion from which a bird's-eye view of the whole is had; and a group of plant houses, with lawn and bed surroundings,

PSM V62 D211 Wild flowers among the trees.png

Wild Flowers among the Trees.

at the right. It is on this part of the garden that the largest annual expenditure for maintenance is made, for there is no class of open-air gardening so expensive as flower-gardening in beds separated by lawns that are kept properly mown. Among the additions that have been