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to the lowest grades. This would confirm the results obtained by Havelock Ellis in his study of British genius that there is a slight relationship between genius arid insanity, though nothing like as much as is claimed by Lombroso.

Grade 10 for intellect contains, as Plate I. shows, only fourteen persons. The names of the men are here given as a sample: also the eighteen who belong to grade 9. Probably few will question the right of the following to enter these elect grades, though some might place one or two a grade higher or lower. The number of relations in the 9 or 10 grades which each person possesses is placed on the left, the first figure being for the first and second degree, the second figure being the number in the first degree alone or the number of (9, 10) relations as close as father or son.


Grade 10 (Names alphabetically).

1,1, Bourbon, Condé, Louis II., 'The Great Condé.'

4,1, Orange, William the Silent.

1,1, Portugal, John I., 'The Great.'

0,0, Prussia, Hohenzollern, Frederick William the 'Great Elector.'

6,3, Prussia, Frederick the Great.

1,0, Sweden, Gustavus Vasa, Founder of the Dynasty.

2,1, Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus, 'The Great.'



The fractions 15/7 and 7/7 give us the averages 2.14 and 1.00 found on Plate I. (See dotted line for males.)


Grade 9.

1,0, Austria, The Archduke Charles, who commanded against Napoleon, b. 1771.

1,0, Don John of Austria. Celebrated naval commander.

1,1, Austria, Maximilian I., Emperor, b. 1459.

3,1, Bourbon, Henry IV., King of France.

0,0, Caspard de Coligny. The great admiral of France.

1,0, Alexander Farnese.

6,3, Hohenzollern. Henry, brother of Frederick the Great. Considered by many to be the equal of Frederick.

4.1, Orange, Maurice of Nassau. One of the greatest captains of modern times.

1,0, Orange, William III., King of England.

0,0, Portugal, Alfonso I., Founder of the Kingdom.

1,0, " Diniz, 'Father of his Country.'

1,1, " Henry 'the Navigator' celebrated as a mathematician. Son of John 'The Great.'

1,1, Romanhof, Peter the Great of Russia.

0,0, Savoy, Prince Eugene, celebrated general.

1,0, Saxony, Maurice Elector of, celebrated general.

0,0, Sweden, Charles XII., military genius.