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5,1, Sweden. Gustavus III., extraordinary mind. His large eminent relationship is Hohenzollern due to his being a nephew of Frederick the Great.

3,0, Tour. Great Turenne, celebrated commander.


Since there are eighteen persons in this group, the fractions 30/18 and 9/18 give us the averages 1.67 and .50 seen in Plate I. to be the figures for grade 9.

The Inheritance of Moral Qualities.

The reasons for the belief that heredity is almost the entire cause for the mental achievements of these men and women and that environment

PSM V62 D506 Graph of relationship between virtues and blood relationships.png

must consequently play a very minor role, have already been given. The reasons are of a twofold nature. First, the practically perfect results derived from what might be expected of heredity, both