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Table II.Continued

List of Members

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count the numbers in the last columns of Table II., thus including the home societies. The results are nearly the same as if we omit the home societies and diminish the numbers in each case by one. The formation of the table by requiring membership in at least two foreign societies is a slight advantage to those not resident in the seven great countries, but they lose when italic numbers are included. The table furnishes the means of making a count with any other conditions, but it is not probable that the general conclusions would thus be changed. Before discussing the results of Table II., it may be well to apply certain tests to it. The English Order of Merit includes the names of Huggins, Lister, Hooker and Rayleigh. They are all contained in Table II. and are members of 6, 4, 6 and 7 societies, respectively. Great care is taken in awarding the Bruce medal. The six living medalists are included in Table II., the number of societies being 7, 7, 6, 6, 6 and 5, respectively.

Four of the seven societies confer a special honor on a few of their foreign associates by granting them the privileges of resident members, or by placing them in a special class of honorary members. The names and years of elections are as follows: Russia: Newcomb, 1896; Nansen, 1898; Suess, 1901; Schmoller, 1901; Wundt, 1902. Prussia: Hittorf, 1900; Suess, 1900; Pflüger, 1900; Hooker, 1904; Schiaparelli, 1904; Baeyer, 1905. Austria: Schiaparelli, 1893;