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houses and various workshops and cages for the larger animals. The garden is screened from the passing throng by a vine-covered fence and a row of leafy shrubs and trees. As one enters the hall of the institution, he sees, on every hand, the preparations and specimens resulting from the experimental work so successfully carried on here. In the middle of the building are five parallel corridors, while to either side and in the rear are suites of rooms for manifold purposes.

The Vienna Institution for Experimental Biology includes zoological, botanical and physico-chemical sections. By virtue of an agreement

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Fig. 1. Front View of the Vienna Institution for Experimental Biology.

with the royal Austrian ministry of education the state assists the founders by maintaining two laboratory places in each of the zoological and botanical sections. The award of these tables, as well as the promotion of the general interests of the institution and its close affiliation with the university institutes, is vested in a board of curators consisting of the four professors of the biological subjects in the philosophical faculty of the University of Vienna. Thus far these curators have been Professors Wiesner, in botany (chairman), Grobben and Hatschek, in investigation of the fresh waters of Austria, which thus far has been established for the physico-chemical section which was organized in 1907, and this place is filled by the professors of the medical faculty. The ministry of agriculture has made an annual appropriation for the zoology, and v. Wettstein, in botany. A governmental table has been used for botanical researches under the direction of Professor v. Wett-