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stein. The tables are free to students working under the supervision of the directors, but independent investigators pay an annual fee of 1,000 crowns. About fifty workers are here engaged in investigations each

PSM V78 D596 Terrarium.png
Fig. 2. Terrarium.

year. At present the staff of the institution is as follows: zoological section, director. Dr. Przibram, assistants, Drs. Kammerer and Megušar; botanical section, directors, Dr. Figdor and Ritter v. Portheim,

PSM V78 D596 Outdoor terraria.png
Fig. 3. Outdoor Terraria.

assistants, Herr Fröschel and Herr Freund; physico-chemical section, director. Professor Pauli, assistant, Herr Schorr; fresh-water investigations, Herr Brunnthaler.