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I N D E X.

Abbe, Cleveland, The Meteorology of the Future 21
Academic and Industrial Efficiency 100
Agriculture, The Relation of, to Biology, F. R. Marshall 539
"Albatross," Work of the, in the Philippines, Albert I. Barrows 241
Alcohol—its Use and Abuse, Graham Lusk 381
American Indians, Language of the, A. L. Kroeber 500
Arts, Manual, in their Relation to Health, Lewis M. Terman 602

Barrows, Albert I., The Work of the "Albatross" in the Philippines 241
Biology, The Relation of, to Agriculture, F. R. Marshall 539
"Experimental, Vienna Institution for, Charles Lincoln Edwards 584
Birth Rate, Diminishing, Is it Volitional! Charles Franklin Emerick 71
Bowditch, Henry Nathaniel 619
Bridges, Natural, North American, The Formation of, Herdman F. Cleland 417
Brooks, Professor, Philosophy of, Edward Gleason Spaulding 120

Carnegie Institution, Research Work of the 411
Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University 517
Century Plants, The Smallest of the, William Trelease 5
Chandler, Dr. C. F., Brome Bust of 413
Chase, William, Freud's Theories of the Unconscious 355
Chemistry, The Work of, in Conservation, Elbert W. Rockwood 291
Child, Motor Education for the, J. Madison Taylor 268
Circulating Professors 516
Cleland, Herdman F., The Formation of North American Natural Bridges 417
Cockerell, T. D. A., Reality and Truth 371
College, Professor, The Case of the, Warner Fite 273
"Graduate, of Princeton University 307
Conservation, The Work of Chemistry in, Elbert W. Rockwood 291
Consulting Psychologist, C. E. Seashore 283
Control of Plant Diseases, Progress in, F. L. Stevens 469
Cost of Living, Henry Pratt Fairchild 377
Credits, College, Scientific versus Personal Distribution of, William T. Foster 388

Davenport, C. B., Euthenics and Eugenics 16
Davis, W. M., Disciplinary Value of Geography 105
Davis, W. M., Disciplinary Value of Geography 223
Dismissing Professors 305
Distribution of College Credits, Scientific versus Personal, William T. Foster 388
Draper, John William, Centenary of the Birth of 616
Dynamics of a Golf Ball, J. J, Thomson 184

Education, Motor, for the Child, J. Madison Taylor 268
Edwards, Charles Lincoln, Vienna Institution for Experimental Biology 584
Efficiency, Industrial and Academic 100
Ehrlich's Specific Therapeutics in Relation to Scientific Method, Fielding H. Garrison 209
Emerick, Charles Franklin, Is the Diminishing Birth Rate Volitional? 71
Emerson, Ibsen and Nietzsche, the Individualists, Lewis Worthington Smith 147
Euclid's Geometry, Is it merely a Theory! Edward Moffat Weyer 554
Euthenics and Eugenics, C. B. Davenport 16
Evolution, and Kant, Arthur O. Lovejoy 36
"of Nations, Geographic Influences in the, Walter S. Tower 164
Experimental Biology, Vienna Institution for, Charles Lincoln Edwards 584

Fairchild, Henry Pratt, The Cost of Living 377
Fite, Warner, The Case of the College Professor 273
Foster, William T., Scientific versus Personal Distribution of College Credits 388