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France, Impressions of Military Life in, Albert Léon Guérard 364
Freud's Theories of the Unconscious, William Chase 355

Galton, Francis 309
Garrison, Fielding H., Ehrlich 's Specific Therapeutics in Relation to Scientific Method 209
Genesis of the Law of Gravity, John C. Shedd 313
Genius and Physiognomy, Charles Kassel 158
Geographic Influences in the Evolution of Nations, Walter S. Tower 164
Geography, Disciplinary Value of, W. M, Davis 105
Geography, Disciplinary Value of, W. M, Davis 223
Geometry, Euclid 's. Is it merely a Theory? Edward Moffat Weyer 554
Golf Ball, Dynamics of a, J. J. Thomson 184
Graduate College of Princeton University 307
Gravity, Law of, Genesis of the, John C. Shedd 313
Gray, Asa, The House of 414
Greek Volunteers, The Services and the Rewards of the Old, Frederic Earle Whitaker 477
"Sculpture, What Masterpieces were known to the Men of the Renaissance? Edward S. Holden 610
Guérard, Albert Léon, Impressions of Military Life in France 364

Harris, J. Arthur, The Measurement of Natural Selection 521
Health, Instinct, James Frederick Rogers 84
"The Relation of the Manual Arts to, Lewis M. Terman 602
Holden, Edward S., What Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture were known to the Men of the Renaissance? 610
Hopkins, Cyril G., The Story of the King and Queen 251
Humphreys, W. J., Weather Proverbs and their Justification 428
Hyatt, Alpheus, Alfred Goldsborough Mayer 129

Ibsen, Emerson and Nietzsche, the Individualists, Lewis Worthington Smith 147
Indians. American, Language of the, A. L. Kroeber 500
Individualists, The, Ibsen, Emerson and Nietzsche, Lewis Worthington Smith 147
Industrial and Academic Efficiency 100
Instinct. Health, James Frederick Rogers 84

Jordan, David Starr, Manhood and War 88

Kant and Evolution, Arthur O. Lovejoy 36
Kassel, Charles, Physiognomy and Genius 158
King and Queen, The Story of the, Cyril G. Hopkins 251
Kroeber, A. L., The Language of the American Indians 500

Laboratory, Cavendish, of Cambridge University 517
Language, and Logic, Charles W. Super 491
"of the American Indians, A. L. Kroeber 500
Living, Cost of, Henry Pratt Fairchild 377
Logic and Language, Charles W. Super 491
Lovejoy, Arthur O., Kant and Evolution 36
Lusk, Graham, Alcohol—its Use and Abuse 381

Manhood and War, David Starr Jordan 88
Manual Arts in their Relation to Health, Lewis M. Terman 602
Marshall, F. R., The Relation of Agriculture to Biology 539
Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough, Alpheus Hyatt 129
Measurement of Natural Selection, J. Arthur Harris 521
Medieval Universities, Science at the, James J. Walsh 445
Meteorology of the Future, Cleveland Abbe 21
Military Lire in France, Impressions of, Albert Léon Guérard 364
Minneapolis, Scientific Meetings at 199
Minnesota, University of 201
Motor Education for the Child, J. Madison Taylor 268

Mount Wilson Conference of the Solar Union 101
Nations, Evolution of, Geographic Influences in the, Walter S. Tower 164
Natural, Bridges, North American, The Formation of, Herdman F. Cleland 417
"Selection, The Measurement of, J. Arthur Harris 521
Nearing, Scott, Race Suicide vs. Overpopulation 81
Nietzsche, Ibsen, Emerson, the Individualists, Lewis Worthington Smith 147
North American Natural Bridges, The Formation of, Herdman F. Cleland 417

Over-population. Race Suicide vs., Scott Nearing 81

Palmer, Edward, William Edward Safford 341