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Iron Range, we are depicting conditions which are found practically over its entire length, and if the name of any town is mentioned, and pictures thrown on the screen illustrating unhygienic conditions in connection with any town or towns, it must be borne in mind that these are not the only towns, and the Iron Range not the only locality in Minnesota where conditions favorable for a typhoid epidemic exist.

The above-named aliens, who work with pick and shovel, are low in the social scale, most of them densely ignorant, the greater number of extremely unclean habits, fatalistic in their views, and more or less suspicious of well-meant overtures. The workmen in the employ of the stripping companies, firms who contract with the mining companies to remove the soil covering the ore, are composed of the same nationalities as those employed by the latter companies, and live in much the same conditions.

A manager of one of the stripping companies remarked, speaking of the Austrians, that they would not raise a hand to clean their houses or other surroundings; they will submit to having it done for them by the company, but soon revert to the more primitive and, to them, more pleasant state.

The Austrians, as the term is broadly used on the range, including the Hungarians and people coming from the small principalities in and

PSM V79 D143 Dairy barn with unclean surroundings.png
Same Barn as preceding Figure, showing the unsanitary condition of the entrance. The photographer endeavored to wade the manure holes and sunk to his knees in the water and manure.