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about Austria and Hungary, are locally called "Hunyaks" and the Italians "Dagoes." A "white" in range parlance, is a Swede or any one of the higher class of laborers who works steadily at his job. The employees in the offices of the mining companies, as well as the citizens generally, fall under the latter appellation. It is doubtful if the European homes of these people, almost the only people evidently who are attracted, at present, to this class of work, are as filthy as the conditions with which they are surrounded here, conditions which are a menace to the health of any community.

PSM V79 D144 Creek where sewage empties.png

Creek where Sewage Empties.

We find, on the range, houses, boarding houses and others, swarming with flies. We find garbage cans, old, dirty stables sheltering miserable cows and horses, with the accompanying manure pile, and the dangerous open privy close to dwellings; dish water and other filth deposited in close proximity to wells, dairies that are unholy, so horrible are the conditions of their environment; sidewalks covered with the expectorations of all sorts and conditions of men, through which and over which filth walk hordes of flies in summer and early fall; alleys there are, too, the filth in which can hardly be described. Last, but by no means least, we note absence of screens in the windows and doors of dwelling houses, or, if there are any screens at all in a house, the good they might do is nullified by the presence of other screenless