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PSM V80 D120 Central exhibition hall for settlement and habitation.png
Central Room of the Building for Settlement and Habitation.

To mention only the sums contributed in this way during the year 1909:

Sickness insurance 342,200,000
Accident insurance 162,266,000
Invalidity insurance 189,029,000
Total 693,495,000 or
Daily 1,900,000

The comprehensiveness of the machinery of the workingmen's insurance is beautifully illustrated in the picture of an oak and its effect on the whole body of workingmen is intended to be shown by a figure representing a workingman, designed by Professor Hosaeus, Berlin.

Race Hygiene. Director Dr. von Gruber, Munich

Race hygiene has for the first time found a place in hygienic exhibitions. It had for its object the calling of the general attention of the public to the immense importance of heredity upon the prosperity and the degeneracy of the race, upon the inherited constitution which, when strong, bids defiance to unfavorable conditions, when weak, succumbs in spite of the most careful nursing. The public at large must learn to appreciate the necessity for exercising a reasonable amount of care in the selection of a life partner.

With the aid of 200 tables, charts and colored natural objects, the laws of heredity were demonstrated and it was shown how, through the continuity of germ plasm, in plants and animals, different characteristics are transmitted from one generation to another. The different kinds of variability, as fluctuation and mutation, are made clear. The laws established by Mendel, together with the results of the latest experi-