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ments on the transmission through heredity of acquired characters and of diseases, have received due regard.

Attention is also devoted to the question as to whether the nations of the highest culture are increasingly degenerating. The dying out of certain distinguished families and the decrease in number of those fit for military service is taken into account. The special toxic influence of alcohol and syphilis on germ plasm as well as the influence on the race of inbreeding and race-crossing is considered. Finally, the significance of the intentional prevention of conception, or the Neomalthusianismus on the race problem is shown. For further details we must refer to the very comprehensive guide, published by Max v. Gruber and Ernst Rudin, for use in this group of exhibits. This book possesses a value of its own, beyond its mere usefulness as a guide through the momentous group of exhibits.

Sport Division

The organization of the sport division of the International Hygiene Exposition, Dresden, 1911, marks an important epoch in the history of bodily exercises. A rigid classification of sports according to physiological principles has, for the first time, been rigidly carried out. The scientific committee is represented by such men as Professor Zuntz, Berlin, Professor Schmidt, Bonn, E. von Schenckendorff, Görlitz, and many other eminent and learned men. The so-called German Sport Committee stands under the protectorate of the German Committee of Olympic Games: Eæz. von Podbielski, U. von Oertzen and Dr. Martin, presidents, and with the chairmen and secretaries of the large German societies as members. The real working committee is the organization committee under the presidency of Dr. Becker. The special divisions under this organization committee are: academies, fishing, automobile and motor sports, aviation, boxing, ice and snow sports, fencing, women sports, golf, hockey, chase and shooting, bowling, lawn-tennis, military wheel-field-riding sports, roller skating, rowing, swimming, sailing.

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