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gymnastics and gymnastic games, wandering and mountain climbing. The members of the individual groups were selected from and by the associations distributed over the whole country. From the above an idea may be gained of the comprehensiveness of the organization. The sport exposition was divided into the following subdivisions:

1. Special gymnastic exhibitions by the different unions.
2. Scientific division.
3. Industrial sport division.
4. Sport places and sport plants.
5. Sport laboratory and library.
6. Tournaments.

PSM V80 D122 Hall for nutrition dietetics and foodstuffs.png
Hall for Nutrition, Dietetics and Foodstuffs.

In the sport laboratory were made:

1. Anthropometric and ergographic investigations.
2. Electrocardiographic examinations.
3. Röntgen-ray observations.
4. Examinations on the chemistry and mechanics of respiration.
5. Microscopic and chemico-physiological investigations.

A dark room and a library completed the laboratory. A large number of university men had voluntarily contributed their services to the success of the work. The object of this laboratory was to furnish material for the laying of a foundation for a scientific sport-physiology and sport-hygiene. From results already obtained in this laboratory, some of which I had an opportunity of examining, I am convinced of the fact that a beginning has at last been made for the scientific elaboration of the proper principles upon which alone the different forms of