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large as Rome and bids fair to exceed it in the course of the coming decennium. The Austria-Hungarian population has more than doubled, having increased from about 120,000 to 267,000. Greatest of all is the Russian increase, from 180,000 in 1890 to 484,000 in 1910. A citizen of New York City on being asked whether there was a foreign quarter in the city replied that there was a foreign three-quarters; and this is not far from correct.


We record with regret the death of Dr. Paul C. Freer, director of the U. S. Government Scientific Bureau in the Philippines, and distinguished for his work in chemistry; of the Rev. George William Knox, professor of philosophy and the history of religion in the Union Theological Seminary, and of Miss Nettie M. Stevens, associate in experimental morphology in Bryn Mawr College.

Dr. John Grier Hibben, previously Stuart professor of philosophy, has been installed as president of Princeton University.—Commemoration day will be observed by the University of Glasgow on June 25, when Professor F. O. Bower, F.R.S., will deliver an oration on "Sir Joseph Hooker."—The Aero Club of Washington has held a field day in commemoration of the anniversary of Secretary Langley's first aerodrome flight on May 6, 1896.—The letters of the late Professor William James are being collected for biographical purposes. Those who have such letters are requested to communicate with Mr. Henry James, Jr., 95 Irving Street, Cambridge, Mass.

At the meeting of the National Academy of Sciences, held in Washington on April 18, new members were elected as follows: R. W. Wood, professor of experimental physics at the Johns Hopkins University; Harry Fielding Reid, professor of geological physics at the Johns Hopkins University; David White, geologist, U. S. Geological Survey; Roland Thaxter, professor of cryptogamic botany at Harvard University; Chas. B. Davenport, director of the Station for Experimental Evolution, Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y.; W. M. Wheeler, professor of economic entomology at Harvard University; John J. Abel, professor of pharmacology at the Johns Hopkins University; S. J. Meltzer, head of the department of physiology and pharmacology of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.