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I N D E X.

Academy, of Sciences, Paris, Edward F. Williams 91
Academy, of Sciences, Paris, Edward F. Williams 164
"of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Centenary of 517
Administrations, Conflict of, Frank L. McVey 142
Administrative Changes in the American University, The Need of, George T. Ladd 313
Age, Death and Conjugation in the Light of Work on Lower Organisms, H. S. Jennings 563
Ameghino, Florentine, W. D. Matthew 303
American, Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington Meeting 205
"Desert, Glimpses of the Great, Raymond J. Pool 209
"University, On the Need of Administrative Changes in, George T. Ladd 313
"Philosophical Society, Scientific Program of 617
Anesthetics in Surgery, the Use of, and Crawford W. Long 616
Antarctic, Exploration and Adventure in 414
Assortative Mating in Man, J. Arthur Harris 476
Atomic Theory of Electricity and the Kinetic Theory of Matter, Robert Andrew Millikan 417

Bain, H. Foster, The Imperial Universities of Japan 246
Beyer, Henry G., The International Hygiene Exhibition at Dresden 105
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, C. Stuart Gager 339
Bugbear of Reformers, T. N. Carver 499

Cajori, Florian, a Review of Three Famous Attacks upon the Study of Mathematics as a Training of the Mind 360
Carnegie Institution, Ten Years of the 308
Carver, T. N., A Bugbear of Reformers 499
Cattell, J. McKeen, Science and International Good Will 405
"A Program of Radical Democracy 606
Centenary of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 517
Chamberlain, Alexander Francis, Some Interesting Characteristics of the Modern English Language 158
Child Hygiene, Professional Training for, Lewis N. Terman 289
China, University Education in, Thomas T. Read 441
Chinese, Science among the, C. K. Edmunds 22
"Mathematics, David Eugene Smith 597
City Milk Supplies, The Problem of, P. G. Heineman 66
Cockerell, T. D. A., The Red Sunflower 373
(Colleges, Small, John J. Stevenson 58
Conjugation, Age and Death, in the Light of Work on Lower Organisms, H. S. Jennings 563
Conservation Ideals in the Improvement of Plants, Herbert J. Webber 578
Convocation Week Meetings of Scientific Societies 99
Coral Reef, Collecting on, Vernon L. Kellogg 80
Coulter, John M., History of Gymnosperms 197

Davenport, Chas. B., The Origin and Control of Mental Defectiveness 87
Death, Age and Conjugation, in the Light of Work on lower Organisms, H. S. Jennings 563
Deaths among American Men of Science 518
Defectiveness, Mental, Origin and Control of, Chas. B. Davenport 87
Delta, Mississippi, A New Development in, E. W. Hilgard 237
Democracy, Radical, A Program of, J. McKeen Cattell 606
Desert, Great American, Glimpses of the, Raymond J. Pool 209
Dresden, The International Hygiene Exhibition at, Henry G. Beyer 105

Earth, Ancient Portals of the, James Perrin Smith 393
Edmunds, C. K., Science among the Chinese 22
Education, University, in China, Thomas T. Read 441
Efficiency Wage Standards, Scott Nearing 257
Electricity, The Atomic Theory of, and the Kinetic Theory of Matter, Robert Andrew Millikan 417
Ellwood, Charles A., The Instinctive Element in Human Society 263
English Language, Modern, Some Interesting Characteristics of, Alexander Francis Chamberlain 158