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Exhibition, International Hygiene, at Dresden, Henry G. Beyer 105
Exploration and Adventure in the Antarctic 414

Fallacy, Price, of High Costs, Ralph H. Hess 493
Feet, Small, and Narrow Jaws, Richard Cole Newton 138

Gager, C. Stuart, Brooklyn Botanic Garden 339
Geography, Philosophy of, Walter Edward McCourt 587
Gold Mining in the United States, History of, R. A. F. Penrose, Jr. 174
Gymnosperms, History of, John M. Coulter 197
Foreign-born Population of New York 619

Harris, J. Arthur, Assortative Mating in Man 476
Heineman, P. G., The Problem of City Milk Supplies 66
Hess, Ralph H., The Price Fallacy of High Costs 493
Highway Construction, Science in the Service of, Clifford Richardson 326
Hilgard, E. W., A New Development in the Mississippi Delta 237
Hooker, Joseph Dalton 102
Houses, Modern Tenement, Jonathan A. Rawson, Jr. 191
Howe, Jas. Lewis, Notes on Norwegian Industry 36
Human Society, The Instinctive Element in, Charles A. Ellwood 263
Humboldt, Alexander von, Edward F. Williams 346
Hygiene, International Exhibition at Dresden, Henry G. Beyer 105
"Child, Professional Training for, Lewis M. Terman 289

Immigration, The Medical Side of, Alfred G. Reed 383
Industry, Norwegian, Notes on, Jas. Lewis Howe 36
Instinctive Element in Human Society, Charles A. Ellwood 263
International Good Will and Science, J. McKeen Cattell 405

Japan, Relations to the United States, David Starr Jordan 151
"Imperial Universities of, H. Foster Bain 246
Jaws, Narrow, and Small Feet, Richard Cole Newton 138
Jennings, H. S., Age, Death and Conjugation, in the Light of Work on Lower Organisms 548
Jordan, David Starr, Relations of Japan and the United States 151

Kellogg, Vernon L., Collecting on a Coral Reef 80
Kinetic Theory of Matter and the Atomic Theory of Electricity, Robert Andrew Millikan 417

Ladd, George T., On the Need of Administrative Changes in the American University 313
Language, Modern English, Some Interesting Characteristics of, Alexander Francis Chamberlain 158
Lefevre, Edwin, Ptomaines and Ptomaine Poisoning 400
Life, Mechanistic Conception of, Jacques Loeb 5
Lister, Lord 310
Loeb, Jacques, The Mechanistic Conception of Life 5
Long, Crawford W., and the Use of Anesthetics in Surgery 616
Lowell, Percival, Precession and the Pyramids 449

McCourt, Walter Edward, A Philosophy of Geography 587
McVey, Frank L., Conflict of Administrations 142
Man, Assortative Mating in, J. Arthur Harris 476
Mathematics, as a Training of the Mind, A Review of Three Famous Attacks upon, Florian Cajori 360
"Chinese, David Eugene Smith 597
Mating, Assortative, m Man, J. Arthur Harris 476
Matthew, W. D., Florentino Ameghino 303
Mechanistic Conception of Life, Jacques Loeb 5
Medical, Research, Rockefeller Institute for 413
"Side of Immigration, Alfred G. Reed 383
Medicine, Research in, Richard M. Pearce 503
Medicine, Research in, Richard M. Pearce 548
Men, Types of, S. N. Patten 273
Mental Defectiveness, Origin and Control of, Chas. B. Davenport 87
Milk Supplies, City, The Problem of, P. G. Heineman 66
Millikan, Robert Andrew, The Kinetic Theory of Matter and the Atomic Theory of Electricity 417
Mind, Mathematics as a Training of the, A Review of Three Famous Attacks upon, Florian Cajori 360
Mining, Gold, History of. in the United States, R. A. F. Penrose, Jr. 174
Mississippi Delta, A New Development in, E. W. Hilgard 237
Modern Tenement Houses, Jonathan A. Rawson, Jr. 191

National, Museum 101
"Parks from the Scientific and Educational Side, Laurence F. Schmeckebier 531