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Nearing, Scott, Efficiency Wage Standards 257
New York's Ten Thousand, William J. Roe 461
Newton, Richard Cole, Narrow Jaws and Small Feet 138
Non-instrumental Weather Observations, The Value of, Robert DeC. Ward 129
Norwegian Industry, Notes on, Jas. Lewis Howe 36

Origin and Control of Mental Defectiveness, Chas. B. Davenport 87

Paris Academy of Sciences, Edward F. Williams 91
Paris Academy of Sciences, Edward F. Williams 164
Parks, National, from the Scientific and Educational Side, Laurence F. Schmeckebier 531
Patten, S. N., Types of Men 273
Pearce, Richard M., Research in Medicine 503
Pearce, Richard M., Research in Medicine 548
Penrose, Jr., E. A. F., The History of Gold Mining in the United States 174
Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, Centenary of 517
Philosophical Society, American, Scientific Program of 617
Philosophy of Geography, Walter Edward McCourt 587
Plants, Conservation Ideals in the Improvement of, Herbert J. Webber 578
Poisoning, Ptomaine, and Ptomaines, Edwin Lefevre 400
Pool, Raymond J., Glimpses of the Great American Desert 209
Population, Foreign-born, of New York 619
Portals of the Earth, Ancient, James Perrin Smith 393
Pratt, H. S., The Four Periods in the Development of the Modern Zoological System 298
Precession and the Pyramids, Percival Lowell 449
Presidents, New University 206
Price Fallacy of High Costs, Ralph H. Hess 493
Professional Training for Child Hygiene, Lewis M. Terman 289
Progress of Science 99
Progress of Science 205
Progress of Science 308
Progress of Science 413
Progress of Science 517
Progress of Science 616
Ptomaines and Ptomaine Poisoning, Edwin Lefevre 400
Public, Duties to the, of Research Institutes of Pure Science, Wm. E. Ritter 51
Pyramids, Precession and the, Percival Lowell 449

Radical Democracy, A Program of, J. McKeen Cattell 606
Rawson, Jr., Jonathan A., Modern Tenement Houses 191
Read, Thomas T., University Education in China 441
Red Sunflower, T. D. A. Cockerell 373
Reed, Alfred G., Medical Side of Immigration 383
Reef, Coral, Collecting on, Vernon L. Kellogg 80
Reformers, A Bugbear of, T. N. Carver 499
Research, Institutes of Pure Science, The Duties to the Public of, Wm. E. Ritter 51
"in Medicine, Richard M. Pearce 503
"in Medicine, Richard M. Pearce 548
Richardson, Clifford, Science in the Service of Highway Construction 326
Ritter, Wm. E., The Duties to the Public of Research Institutes in Pure Science 51
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research 413
Roe, William J., New York's Ten Thousand 461

Schmeckebier, Laurence F., National Parks from the Scientific and Educational Side 531
Science, among the Chinese, C. K. Edmunds 22
"Pure, Research Institutes, Duties to the Public of, Wm, E. Ritter 51
"The Progress of 99
"The Progress of 205
"The Progress of 308
"The Progress of 413
"The Progress of 517
"The Progress of 616
"American Association for the Advancement of, Washington Meeting 206
"in the Service of Highway Construction, Clifford Richardson 326
"and International Good Will, J. McKeen Cattell 405
"Deaths among American Men of 518
Scientific, Societies, Convocation Week Meetings of 99
"Items 104
"Items 208
"Items 312
"Items 416
"Items 520
"Program of the American Philosophical Society 617
Small Colleges, John J. Stevenson 58
Smith, David Eugene, Chinese Mathematics 597
Smith, James Perrin, Ancient Portals of the Earth 393
Society, Human, The Instinctive Element in, Charles A. Ellwood 263
Space and Time, Charles W. Super 280
Standards, Efficiency Wage, Scott Nearing 257
Stevenson, John J., Small Colleges 58
Sunflower, Red, T. D. A. Cockerell 373
Sunlight, Tropical, Paul C. Freer 521
Surgery, The Use of Anesthetics in, and Crawford W. Long 616
System, Modern Zoological, Four Periods in the Development of, H. S. Pratt 298

Ten Thousand, New York's, William J. Roe 461
Tenement Houses, Modern, Jonathan A. Rawson, Jr. 191