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How to Etch Class 121

Bonding Joists to Brick Walls 122

A Drainage Kink 122

Emergency Control of Motor I 22

A Screwdriver Handle 122

Replacing Automobile Piston-Rings 123

Steam as a Carbon Remover I 23

A Gasoline Tank Gage 124

Simple Cure for Misfiring at Low Engine Speeds. . 125

Building an Oil Reservoir . . . .' I 26

Emptying a Bottle I 26

One Geared Motor Serves Two Drives 126

A Pocket-Clip for Pencils 1 26

An Emergency Fountain Pen 130

Making a Two-Fuse Switchblock 130

Converting a Key-Socket into a Pull-Socket ... 136

Making a Washing Machine from a Barrel ... 147

A Package Tie Made of Tape 147

Making a Lawn Chair I 48

How to Make a Sewing-Screen 149

Fitting Windows with Weights 1 50

How to Remove Iodine Stains I 50

Building a Poultry House with a Skylight 151

Some Curtain Suggestions I 51

A Clothes-Line Prop that Will Not Drop or Slip . . t 52

A Hoop with a Guiding Hub 152

How to Pack Mirrors to Prevent Breaking 152

Wood Blocks for Flooring 152

Finding the Right-Sized Nail 153

An I mproved Roller-Towel 153

Improving a Kitchen Knife 153

Let Your Ice-Cream Freeze While Motoring 153

Concealed Ventilation 154

A Home-Made Table-Top Varnish 154

Removing Heat Spots from a Table 154

To Screen Doors and Windows 154

A Merry-Go-Round Swing 155

How to Make a Practical Gas-Range Lighter. ... 156

Making the Cellarway Serve Two Purposes 156

A Back-Saving Refrigerator 157

For Cleaning Leather Upholstery. 157

How to Make a Door-Mat from Old Rope-Ends. . 157

Renovating the Lawn 157

An Opposed Cylinder Steam Engine 289

A Pulley Made from Wax arid Wire 292

Making a Space with a Chain Line 292

Keeping Food Without Ice 293

Sloping a Drawing Board 293

Straightening Warped Boards 293

Convex Milling Cutters 294

Jig for Drilling Holes in Peripheries 294

Measuring Bucket for Flowing Water . , 294

Making a Bomb Thrower for Sham Battles 295

To Compress a Coil-Spring 296

The Whistling Bicycle Wheel 297

An Adjustable Tap Wrench 298

Hoisting Timbers Rapidly 298

Thret' Oil-Proof Lutes 298

Make Your Own Lazy-Betty 299

A Simple Home-Made Milking Stool 299

Reolacing Pistons by Simple Means 300

Universal Bench-Stop 300

I muroving a Towel-Roller 301

A Manager's Desk File 301

Tightening Wire on Knobs 301

Drilling Square Holes 302

A Remedy for Jarring Bottles 302

How to Make a Sleeping Hammock 303

Determining Brake Horsepower 305

Preventing Carriage Bolts from Turning 305

A Celluloid Flashlight 305

How to Make An Oil-Filter 306

String Holder and Cutter 306

Attachment for Oxy-Acetylcne Torch 307

Turning on Lathe with Calipers 307

A Home-Made Scoop 308

Protecting the Painter from Paint 308

Fiber Disk Cutter 309

Handy Folding Kitchen Tables 309

To Repeat Drawings 309

A Chcao Surveyinc Instrument 310

To Re-Silver Old Mirrors 310

Temporary Pole-Steps of Spikes 310

How to Keep Rope from Raveling 311

Regulating Shower-Bath Water 31 I

A Cheap Fly-Catcher 312

An F.ssily Constructed Fly-Trap 312


How to Make a Toy Zeppelin 313

Putting New Life in Chisel Handles 314

A Handy Bunsen Burner 315

How to Make a Clevis Lock 315

A Simple OverHow Alarm 315

An Alarm Bell for Chemists 316

Getting 1 ron Scraps Out of Deep Holes 316

Rope and a Lever as a Pipe Wrench 316

A Safety-Holder for Hatpins 316

Taking the Yellow Out of Rubber 316

What Home Builders Really Want 317

Boring Cylinders with a Lathe 403

Measuring Ten Thousandths of an Inch 436

Icelcss Cooker and Refrigerator 456

A Typewriter Desk Made from a Kitchen Table. . 457

A Simple and Convenient Receptacle for Matches 457

A Home-Made Fire Ejttinguishcr 458

A Towel Holder 458

The Strap as a Jar Opener 458

How to Calculate Distances 459

A Convenient Shoe-Rack 459

An 1 mproved Vacuum Bottle 462

Facilitates Boiling f-*oint _. . . 462

Using Waterproof Lutes 462

How to Safeguard Mail Against Meddlers 465

A Substantial Home-Made Jack 465

A Case for Miniature Lamps 465

Making a Wood-Turning Lathe 466

A Bottle Pocket Lamp 467

Correcting Pliers which Bind 468

An Easily Constructed Holder for the Broom. . . 468

A Weed Destrover from a Spoon and Broom-Handle 468

A Child's Morris Chair 46<?

An Efficient Tin Pump -171'

Scale Reading Calipers 47 1

Soldering Iron for Light Work. -171

Making a Driving-Box Lifter 471

Guide Lines for Lettering -171

Getting a Line on Biddy 472

Boiling Water by Cooling It 472

To Find Your Depth 472

An Automatic Faucet for Tanks. . . . 473

The Use of Jigs and Fixtures 474

A Portable Colony Poultry House 476

A Screen Door-Check 477

Cooling a Ship's Laundry 477

How to Drill Holes Quickly in Wood 477

Making a Plate-Glass Drill 478

Coloring of Copper 478

A Handy Spacing Scheme 478

A Cozy Southern Farmhouse 479

To I mprove Machinist's Cement 480

Mooring Hook Locks Itself to Lyebolt 536

How to Make an Alcohol Lamp and Blow-Torch

from an Oil-Can , 593

Making Automobile Wheels Track Correctly 593

Two Good Calking Compounds for Boats 593

Accelerating the Cooling Water Circulation 594

A f^encil Sharpener with an Adjustable Blade. . . . 594

A Quick Method cf Repairing a Broken Die 594

Equipment for the Home Worker 595

To Make a Combined Drawing Table and Stand. 598 How to Protect the Surface of an Enameled Road- Sign 599

A Spanish Windlass Made from Two Broomsticks 599

Finding Your Bearings at Night Without a Compass 600

An Ingenious Attachment for a Door-Lock 600

To Make a Sanitary Cap for the Milk Bottle. . . . 600

A Bottle-Stopper of Glass and Rubber 601

How to Lighten the Finish on Woodwork 601

Repairing Worn Wheels of a Carpet-Sweeper 601

Making a Scrap-Book Out of Old Ledger Covers . 602

A Thumb-Tack Gage for a Paper-Cutting Board. 602

A Scheme for Keeping Pictures Hanging Straight. 603 Removing and Applying Valve-Stem Guides by

Pressure 604

A Simple TracingMethod for Electrical Draftsmen 606

A Bottle-Stopper Which Controls the Outpour. . 607 A Gage Which Tells the Amount of Moisture in

Wood 607

Mending Picture Frames with Laundry Soap .... 607

A Clothes-Rack for Use Indoors and Outdoors . . 608 An Easily Made Bathroom Cabinet and Medicine

Chest 608

A Blacksmiths Hand-Blower Made of Wood 609

To Convert a Pair of Shoes into Slippers . 609

Four Good Recipes for Acid-Proof Cements 609

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