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Little Inventions to Make Life Easy

Why Weren't They Thought of Before?

��A New Way of Directing the Breeze of a Fan

���A FAN mot is encl()s(

��)tor loscd in a spherical shell, so that no moving parts are visible. The current of air generated by the fan is direc- ted through a nozzle which is covered by a wire mesh as a protective measure. The air is forced out in a parallel current, and blown in any desired direction.

Handling the Cord of Electric Irons

THE c o n \' e - n i c n c e and usefulness of electric flatirons is sometimes impaired because of the connecting cord's continually catching on the end of the ironing- board or other obstruction. .An arm- band has lately been invented wb.ich will hold the cord close to the operator's elbow, and thus make it follow all motions of the arm naturally. This not only conserves the temper of the u.ser but saves wear on the cord.


��A Salt-Shaker Which Will Not Clog

CLP:\1:RL\' devised shaker has been made, the makers of which claim that it will loos- en clogged salt. It is of clear glass with a non- corrosive white metal top. A spiral loop of wire which occupies the center of the shaker, is turned by a twist of the knob abo\e the lid. The coil of wire when turned reaches ever\' part of the interior of the shaker, thus breaking up the salt.


��At Last! A Lock For Slipping Rubbers L' B B E R S


��and over- shoes are apt to slip from the foot and stick in the mud when a little worn — as every commuter who has hurried to catch a car knows.

���A new device has

���been brought out, which consists of a hook-like member riveted to the rubber and a socket attached to the shoe, both being made of metal. The hook catches in the socket and holds the rubber shoe securely until it is removed by hand.

Adjustable Kettle- Cover

AN adjustable kettle -cover of a conical shape with a handle at the side is so made that by a slight pressure on the handle and a simple adjust- ment, the co\er fits any ordinary pot or pan. The coni- cal shape allows steam to gather in the top; this not only prevents boiling over but also serves to cook the food more thoroughly. The volume of steam held within the dish hastens the cooking [irocess.

Hammer for One-Armed Man

THE illustra- tion shows a hammer which is very useful to the one-armed man. With it he can set nails as well as if he had both arms. The ham- mer is also very useful to the normal person. It adds some two feet to any carpenter's reach.

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