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���Semaphore Signals for Automobiles

THE illustra- tion shows how an automo- bile driver may convey his inten- tions to the occu- pants of a car in the rear, by means of a semaphore signaling device. It will be noticed that the two sema- phores are mounted on the rear mud- guards of the car; and by means of an electromagnet concealed in each rohnnn the signals can be controlled from the driver's seat. If the automobile is to stop, both semaphores will be thrown up; if a turn to the right is intended, the right semaphore arm will be displayed. For night use electric lights are provided in the signal columns, and by means of red and green glass disks in the semaphores the desired signals may be easily displayed.

Combined Penholder and Blotter



jTX of disks made of blotting paper are held on two small washers which are fasten- ed to the ends of a central axis. This device is attached to a pcn- 1 clip similar to those hold a pen or pencil use, the blotter is instead of being

��Popiilar Science Monihhi

An Adjustable Golf-Tee Board

���holder by means of connnonly used to in the |)ocket. In rolled over the writing placed flat.

��Saw Cuts Square Hole

A SAW that cuts a square hole

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��handle so that the

in the initial stages is eliminated

auger bit is not needed.

��in a floor witliout the aid f)f any other tool is shown in the illustration. The saw is rounded so as to make the incision and provided with a n a d j u s t a b 1 e strain on the wrist An

���AGOLF-TEE board which pro v"ides th rce tees at different eleva- tions above the board has been invented to meet the ideas of indi- vidual players. On a disk revolv- ing in a vertical slot or opening of the board the three tees are attached and project varying distances from the axis of rotation so that the balls may be sup- ported at different elevations above the board.

When the ball is driven from either one of the individual tees the tee as a whole will yield and turn in the direction of the blow, thus reducing the possibility of injury to the tee and permitting an unretarded release of the ball.

Skinning the Slippery Eel

THIS clamp- like tool grasps the skin of an eel, tweezer- fashion, and strips it off in much the same way as one remo\es a glo\e. Special notches enable the jaws to grip the skin securely. The opposite end of the tool is a knife-lilade useful in further dissection. Projections on the

���hack of fish.

��the blade are handy in scaling

��in Your Bath-Tub?

��Why Fall Down

PERFORA- TIONS are made in the batli- tub rim to ser\e as handlinjds. the holes being cut in a variety of forms as shown. ,'\ lirm grip can be secured on these even though the hands be slippery with soap. Thus the slips and sliiles frequently ri'sulting from an insecure handhold are avoided.

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