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��INDEX 1() \()LI MK


��Page A Safety-Bicycle for the Timid Fat Man 572

Huntmg Destructive Animals in National Forests 576

A Warning to Fishermen 59O

The Sidewalk Coaster Becomes an Automobile 592

1 raining the 1-ootball Tackier (,4}

Letting the Jumping Rope Record the jumps 546

gtilt-bkates for Ice-Skating (,4j

Scoring Target Practice by Telephone , , 682

llniliig Automobile Speed Demons. 806

A Bicycle Which Won', Let You Lose Your

tlalance 015

Trapshooting in the Navy ni 7

Marathoning at Home on a Special Tread Mill ' 844 A Dozen Ways of Breaking Your Neck. 860

Renovating the Old Golf Ball 894

Johnny Blows Bubbles from His Toy Cigar 894

loys Which Instruct as Well as Entertain 902^905 A tJufter to Stop Sprinters in Indoor Sports 932

Building a Speedy Ice- Yacht 94I


Lighting the Inside of an Oven 16

A Measuring Machine More Sensitive Than a

Human Being tf^

A Mechanical Whip .' .' .' .'.■■.■.'.■.■ [7

Hearing Your Men at \X'ork .......'.] 3O

Interchangeable Pressing and Steaming' Device for

i ailors ^n

Fighting Timber Fires A3

T^?,'^',"^" ^?."' "' Chicago's Wheat-Pit'.' .'..'." 81

A Wallpaper Remover | I9

Modern Dog-Catchers Use Motor-Trucics j 76

Extinguishing an Oil Fire with Carbon-Dioxide

roam t yo

The Motor-Cycle Street-Sweeper 200

A Machine that Stitches Baseball Covers! '...'.'. 203 A Step-Ladder with An Ambition . 230

Taking the Smoke Out of the Smokiest City 236

I he Burglar-Proof Store- Window 238

Safety Shaving with a Lamp Attachment 247

A Handy Shoe Cabinet for the Whole Family 256

Cover Lift for Cafeteria Platters 3|4


The Mine That Hears 3

Six Battleships Co Into Reserve 53

The Feminine Gender of Preparedness .......... 71

Throwing a Line of Communications Across a River 1 79'

Pneumatic Gun with a Dynamite Shell 192

The Submarine Blockade Runner, 227 Putting the Rookie Through the Mill at Platts-

-r, V/ , ;, , 268 269

I he Motorcycle Machine-Gun 529

The Night Eyes of the Coast Artillery, . . ....'... 586

Our First Armored Car 588

Introducing Our First Anti-Aircralt Gun 657

Collecting Money for Belgians by a Sidewalk Chute 668

I he I housand-Foot Battleship 670

Defending America with Motor Torpedo Boats. '. 721

Saving Men from Sunken Submarines ] 803

WiKwagging with Hand Flags 807

T'l?'"! J 0°'," °' '^"'omob'le Tires at the Front 810

A ■eld Refrigerator for the Camper or Soldier. 831 What Happens in the Stokehold of the Speeding

Destroyer 839

The Giant Destroyer of the Future '. '. . . . 897

MISCELLANY Government Guide-Posts Give Detailed Informa- tion for Strangers 7

How Sea Caves Arc Made 21

A Lamb with Two Coots of Wool ....'.'..... 21

A "Shoo-Fly" for a Candy Kitchen 28

A Protecting Holder for an Opcn-Foced Watch 29

Nations Bleed in Peoce as Well as in War 62 The Official City Fly-Catcher of Redland.;

California 64

PreporednesB Against Bank Burglara ....... J. . 74

Experimenting with the Siphon 82

New York Is the World's Luxury Market . 83

Dipping Elk to Rid rhcin of Ticka 88

Ostrich Sc|uab: A New Delicacy i . . 88

Tile Ama/ing Beetle!.!***' 94

1 nsect Carpenters ond Masons .'!,'!!! 95

Air-Propeller Drives Birycjc!!]!]!!! 97

Electric Plant Run by cin Arteaian Well '.'...'. 97

Straw Rnincontn of Japan |0|

��Page What? Only Three Kinds of Feet? in

Mn<in..;> . C II I 'V

��Mosquitoes on Snow Banks

\ Watch-Like Coin-Case

Fish Hatched in Artesian Basin

5°" '.?,^'" Graduate from Carlisle.

��06 106 107


��Prize Winners of Sam Loyd's Puzzles I|2

We Paid Six Dollars for These Two Pictures " 161 How the Porto Ric.n Does a Pushing Business. .! 173 Blending Twelve Grades of Oil Into One 174 A Perfect Megaphone Shaped Like a Ram's Horn 175 I he Cockroach Attract, Attention as a Trouble- Maker .y.

Origin of Gas Jets Traced tn Woman's Thimble ' .' 177 lUlow-Pipes of the Born^-o uand Dyaks I79

Throwing a Line of Communications Across a River I 79 w/ j"?^'° P "^ Convalescent Soldier (83

Wind Cave Excels Mammoth Cave ' |83

^ 9'.7-?=» F-'f" *}i^.l> Has a Lantern of Its Own 185 A Sailor s Nautical Wind- Wheel |85

If We Had Eyes Like Microscopes . . |90

Trapping English Sparrows for Food |94

How a Snails Tongue Cleans the Aquarium .'.'..'.' 195 Machines 1 hat Smoke Cigars 196

A Mud Mosaic in the W'ake of the Treacherou.

Colorado iqy

Rocks Composed of Diatom Earth Which Float 197

t-ighting the Sand Peril ' |9g

Device to Hold Covers on Sleeping Child in Crib ' ' 200 A Luminous Life-Belt for Rescue at Night 201

Seeing Yourself as the Oil Well Sees You .... " 201

Trapping Animals by "Caming" Them 203

^" iP .Lamp Used by Rubber Gatherers in

Brazilian Jungles 224

Where Freckles Come from and Why They Stay! 224

Piano and Phonograph Combined ] 225

Surviving Horse-Car Lines in the United States 231

Coal-Dust Mountains " Are Now Repositories of

Wealth 235

Why a Grasshopper Is Like a Telephone Lineman 241 Hitting the Trail with a Wheel-Barrow and


What Makes the Hair Suddenly Turn Gray? . Signaling with a Mirror to Men in the Field Why You Can See Two Sides of a Thing at the

Same Time 252

What's the Good of a Hawk? ........[ 254

Wolves of the Sea That Abound in Ci^ban'Wctera 255

Convenient Check Protector 307

A Machine that Cracks Oil-Bearing Nuts Without

Crushing Them 326

And It Looks so Small on the Map! ... 329

Making the Scallops on Plate Glass 330

Hungarian Nectar Still in Which Rhubarb Brxiidv

Is Made ' 33}

Shootiiig the Chutes to Safety in an Explosion ... 360 A Castle Built of Coal to Advertise the Resources

of Tennessee 36

Defying the Action of Fire 366

A "Soap" Which Is Not Used for CJeansing' '.'."'. 370 Catering to the Feminine Patrons of the Bootblack 371 Increasing the Decorative Value of Portieres . 374

Using the Waste Heat of a Kerosene Lamp 375

The Sensitive Brazil Nut 380

A Hand-Made Hand-Played Phonograph!!!!!!!! 381

Your Meerschaum Pipe 382

The Story of f-'ctroleum!!!!!!!!!! 385

A Rapid Firing 1 .ife Saver!!!!!!!! 389

A Level and Grade Finder on the Periscope

Principle • 30O

Plenty of Room for All Europe ... 431

New American Porcelain Utensils a Result of the

��241 247 252



��Spontaneous Combustion!!!!!!!!!!! 435

Tracing Magazine Cuts 436

Steel Cutlery Which Will Not Rust!!!!!!!!!!"! 485

And 1 his in a Mechanical Agel 503

A Famous Outdoor Organ!! ' ' ' ' 510

The Money Value of Iwo Great Discoverieii!!!! 511 Shipoing .Sugnr-Coatcd Education by the Trunkful 5l'l It Was a Man Dressmaker Who Invented This .514 What Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Compared with

This? .... . , i;^,.

Using the Steam Radiator to Remove Wall-Paper 5(4 Dropping 10 Safety Irom a Fire 5(,s

Pumping Up Flis Interest in Your Wares .!.!!! 567 Where the Linen Collar Started and Who Started It 56R Krnioving I ligh l.nnip Riillts 171

�� �