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Funning Yourself with a RockinK-Chair 583

A Peaceful Looking Hat Which Makes You a Walk- ing Arsenal 587

Expending Four Tons of Energy in Playing the

'Cello 590

Old Dobbin Carries His Umbtella with Him. . . . 591 Differences in Time Between New York and

Foreign Points 632

The Mechanics of Shoplifting 648

Making a Huge Map of West Virginia 668

Converting Our Clothes into Rolls of Dust 669

"Intoxicating" Your Eye-Sight with a Pair of Opera

Glasses 673

A Tobacco-Can with a Roll of Cigarette Papers

Attached to It 674

Sitting Down in Comfort on a Painter's Job 677

Serving Yourself to a Shave 680

Two Mines Which Make Marine Warfare More

Terrible 683

Where Did You Get Your Bad Temper? 692

A Deadly Man-Steered Torpedo 694

In His Merry "Dogmobile." How a Cripple Gets

Along in the World 697

Here It Is: The New Shaving Harness that Carries

Brush, Mug and Mirror 699

A New Check Protector No Bigger Than a Pocket

Match-Safe 699

Patroling Eight Miles of Fence 704

"Bon Voyage" to the Ohio State Building! 705

Man Becomes a Beast in Hand-to-Hand Conflict. . 707

Improving the Imperfect Hen 708

A Giant Mail-Box 726

Clad in a Bullet . 727

Kneading Clay with the Feet 727

Watching Dishonest Employees with the Aid of

Mirrors 739

Breaking a Mountain Trail 740

The Lure of the Lorelei Minus the Siren 743

Flushing Streets with Streams from Movable Pipc-

Lines 745

The Northern Logger Is the Nerviest of Our

Steeplejacks 745

How a Tiny Screw Held Up a Great City's Business 747

How West Indians Walk Up Coconut-Palm Trees 748

What Becomes of Old Army Rifles? 749

A Pipe Filler Which Takes the Place of the Smoker's

Fingers 751

Backing an Automobile into a Moving Garage . , . 755

A Four-Family Apartment House 785


Cork Fabric for Featherweight Raincoats 813

Shooting Soot from Stacks with Blasting Powder. 831

A Caterpillar-Tread Cart for Bad RoaJs 831

A Fire Which Burned for More Than a Year, . . . 834 Preventing Dust Explosions and Fires in Grain

Separators 834

Down with the Mischief-Making Mistletoe 840

A Palace Which Was Eaten by Horses and Cows . . 840 A Singeing Comb Which Prevents Burning the

Hair 84 I

Teaching Music by the Picture Method 843

Stilts Instead of Overshoes for Sloppy Weather. . 645 Flags Made of Wire. They Fly Even When There

Is No Breeze 846

A Caterpillar Three Hundred Feet Long 846

An "Armless ' and Inconspicuous Baby Carrier. . 847 A Device Invented by a Blind Doctor to Enable

Himself to Write Letters 849

Why We Remember Those Big Snow-Storms . 849

A firscuc Saddle for the Fireman. fl54

Will the Great Sphinx Scowl When She Sees This? 867

Laying a Brilliant Trail for Bargain Hunters 868

The "Step Lively. Pleasel" of Stage-Coach Times. 868

A Onc-Man Orchestra 870

Air-Jet Supports a Football in Mid-Air 870

How Man's Eyes Differ from Those of the Animals 87 I How Earthquakes and Similar Disturbances

Change the Styles in Architecture 871

Overcoming the City Boy's Fear of Snakes 874

Now What Would You Call This New Musical

I nstrument? 874

Ax-Handles Made to Order 878

Eyes Were Made to See With 879

Stirrup Stoves for Cold Horse-back Riders 883

A Platform on Wheels for the Lamp Repairer. . . . 885

Have You Ever Seen a Horse Wearing Trousers? 885 A Time-Saving "Safety-First" Tool for Dynamite

Workers 886

If Robinson Crusoe Had Only Thought of This. . 887

Curios Made by Glass Blowers 887

Painting Wild Animals' Eyes 892

What? Tail-Lights for Mules! 896

An Unusual Grocery Store 907

Deflecting and Moistening the Air from Furnace

Registers ... 913

A Device for Adjusting the Ends of Steel Rails . 915

A Clever Trick Performed with a Lighted Cigarette 922

Substitutes for the Ordinary Carpenter's Levels . 925

Making Extended Index Tabs for Books 932

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