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What's New in Patents

��Pipe Loaded From Stem


��DETACHA- BLE pipe in which a specially prepared roll of tobacco is loaded in the stem instead of the bowl is said to afford a cool and non-biting smoke. Air is drawn in to the burning tobacco through the bowl, and as it is packed up tight against the stem nicotine cannot enter the smoker's mouth. When the roll of tobacco has been smoked the bowl is detached from its stem and the ashes are removed from the loading end.


��Automatic Roller Bearing R ( ) L L E R

bearintr com-


��Spout Attachment for Bottles N attach-

���ment ap- plied to the mouths or necks of bottles directs the pouring of the liquid and serves to catch the drip. It isconstructed of any suitable material, such as

celluloid, sheet metal or the like, and is inclined downwardly and inwardly from its outer toward its inner edge. The arms attached to the spout are pro^•ided with loops or eyes to facilitate a clamping engagement.

A Fancy Shoe-Lace Cover

ASHOE-EACE cover with a bow affixed to its upper end has been devised by a New York man who is fond of decorative ankles. The jaunty bow is to please the aesthetic sense while the cover is supposed to save the shoe- lace and keep dirt from entering the shoe. The upper part of the attach- ment terminates in a buckle and belt de\ice which fits tightly about the ankle.

���bining balls and rollers in a man- ner which auto- matically com- pensates for varia- tions in roller di- ameter has been

devised. The balls are placed in the bearing in two rows, as indicated, and permit of the automatic adjustment of the rollers. The concentricity of the bearing itself as well as of the bearing upon its mounting and its housing is secured without compelling extensively close limits in machining.

A Spoon That Can't Slip _ I A SPOON has

Jr\. been in\ent- ed with teeth or serrated edges to enable it to hook upon the edge of a dish and stay in any position in which it is placed. The teeth are in the handle and are so arranged that they do not inter- fere with the operation of the spoon. The spoon can not slip down the edge of a pan or dish and become emerged in the contents. Furthermore, it will retain heat as readily as the ordinary spoon.

A Heater for the Parlor Lamp

A LAMP may give both light and heat with the attachment illustrated. It can be applied to an ordinary table lamp, although the construction is applicable to all manners of burners. It can be quickly fitted to a lamp without any struc- tural changes, and it is so simple in construction that anyone can use it. It gi\'cs off a maxi- mum anu)unt of heat when applied to an\' burner.


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