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l\>l)uJnr Science MontliJy



��It Ought to be Light

,N aliinii- luini hil- liard-ciic has been devised by a Nebras- ka man who has long searched for a Hght cue. His cue is made of akiminum and has a rectangular metal twisted and embedded in the aluniinum. It is strengthened by ferrules extending around it which serve to ornament it. The cue is hollow for a portion of its length and is pro\ided with a means for securing the lip rigidly to the striking end.


��A Swatter for High Fliers

N adjustable

���swatter de- signetl for use in killing flies, mos- (luitoes and otiier insectson the ceil- ing of a room or on the walls con- sists of a spring in a rod which forces the swatter end of the instrument against the insect with sufficient force to kill it. When the knob at the end of the rod is released by the operator the swatter end strikes the wall quickh'. The rod is kept in a set position by locking the spring in place. The swatter end may be fastened to the handle with a cord.


��Beating the Dentist to It TOOTH-

���cleaning in- strument invent- ed by a Kansas City man has a strand threaded and spanning a portion of the in- strument for in- sertion between the teeth to re- move foreign matter. The principal object is to provide a sanitary dc\ice with a means for holding the strand in proper tension and removing a ])ortion of it after it has been used and substituting a clean portion.


��Facilitating Speed in Writing

N attach- ment for the hand has been in- \- e n t e d w h i c h makes fast writ- ing possible. It is a movable rest for the hand which while facil- itating the ac- quirement of speedy writing secures the steadying ef- fect usually imparted b>- resting one or more fingers on the ]ia]5cr,but without re- tardation resulting from the latter prac- tice. Frictional contact of the hand is thus obviated and speed increased.



��A Cure for Butter Fingers

instrument has been in\ented for music learners and all others (e.x- cept the pickpocket) whose fingers are stiff and won't behave. It is a finger- spreading device which allows the fin';ers to be lifted, depressed and exercised in a dozen different ways beneficial to the person learning intricate movements (jf violin and piano playing. The two blocks of wood are fastened to a w o o d base by screws which may be tightened or loosened at will.

���Automobiling with a Bicycle

THF, bicyclist can imagine he's auto- mobiling with a new device which dispenses with the ordinary handlebars and substitutes in lieu thereof a steering wheel which enables th'j rider to assume an upright and comfortable position and thus obviate incident to

��mjurN bending down. The dex'ice can be quickly applied to the frame of any ordinary bicycle or motor-cycle to fit riders of var\'- ing proportions.

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