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���Improving the Hog's Table Manners

MORE attention is given to the care and feeding of hogs than ever 1 efore, but while the composition of the rations has been improved, there has been no breed of hogs developed even among the aristocratic prize winners, whose table manners are essentially different from those of the plebeian.

If the hogs could not reach the trough until the food had been poured into it and evenly distributed, the feeding process would be simplified. This may be accomplished by applying the method suggested by the accompanying illustra- tion, in which it will be seen that a section of the fence is cut out to receive the trough and gate. The latter, swing- ing from the top at E, is held at the in- side edge of the trough by the button D, as indicated by the dotted lines, which permits the feed to be poured into it.

The bottom of the gate may then be swung outward and lieJd in place at the outer edge of the trough by the button at A, as shown by the full lines, will allow the hogs to reacli their li'cd.

The stops B, B, upon the outside of the fence, and C, upon the inside, pre- vent the gate from being opened.

��Popular Science Monthly

How to Make an Oil-Filter

A SIMPLE oil-reclaiming outfit may be made from a whole barrel and a half barrel. A funnel, terminating in a perforated pipe, is attached to the rim of the whole barrel as shown in this illus- tration. Water is placed in the upper compartment. If the filter is used where a stream of hot water or steam can be utilized, it will im- |:)rove the action of the filter. In that case, place a loop of the pipe in the side of the barrel and keep the temperature of the water near the boiling point.

When the oil rises to the top of the barrel it overflows through the pipe at the left into the part below, where it passes through a strainer made of two thicknesses of cheesecloth. The complete outfit can be enclosed neatly and compactly in an outer cover- ing of boards to represent a cupboard.

The oil reclaimed by this filter is good enough for all ordinary speed shafts or bearings. Accessories, such as a water overflow and draw-ofT valve, etc., for the top barrel, will suggest themselves to anyone sufficiently interested to con-

��The food can be placed in the trough without the annoying interference of impatient hogs



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��struct a filter. — James E. Noble.

String Holder and Cutter

A NOVEL device in the shape of a convenient holder and cutter for a h.ill of cord is here illustrated. The cutter is made in the shape of a sheet- metal collar with partly overlapiping ends, these being sharpened so as to cut the cord. T h e c o r d i s brought through a pair of holes in the cutter so that after the cord is cut the loose end lends to (ly up, owing to the elasticity oi the string. The end then lies above the cutter where it can be easily grasped. The cutter piece is attached to the string box by a pair of sheet-metal anns.

���For holding and cut- ting twine

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