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��Economizing Gasoline for Automobiles

��com- plug

���A Compensating Vapor Admits Additional Air

��ADEVIC1-: lalkd a pensating \apor has been designed for use on automobiles to economize gas- oline. The two cone- shaped hal\e.s of the plug are di- \ided by means of a leather washer around its c i r c u ni - ference. At its center this washer carries a small hollow piston, the upper of which extends through the washer. A small p i p e - nipple, screwed into the interi- or of the piston, extends down to the bottom

of the plug portion of tlic de\-ice which is in turn screwed into the intake-mani- fold. This pipe forms a clear passage between the manifold and the half of the device above the air-tight washer. The small piston is provided on opposite sides with two slots opposite similar slots in the sides of the cylinder formed by the screwing-in plug.

The lower half of the device is provided with a circular hole at one side to admit air from the outside.

The suction in manifold draws the air out of the upper half of the de\ice above the air-tight washer through the hol- low pipe in the small piston. This forms a vacuum above the washer, making the latter assume the po- sition shown by the dotted lines

��in the cross-sectional view. As the engine speeds up, requiring a leaner mixture, the vacuum above the washer increases, causing latter to move up still farther until the slots in the piston and the cylin- der partly or entirely coincide thus allowing the air in the lower half to pass down into the manifold and mix with the vaporized fuel from the carbureter on its wa>- to the cylinders. As the suction of the engine varies accord- ing to the run- n i n g c o n - ditions, the movement of the piston up and down is such as auto- the amount of air slots according to

��Plug Which Automatically to the Cylinder-Manifold

��maticalK- to regulate jjussing through the the running conditions

���The Layers Can Be Peeled Off as Needed, the Pack Being Still Used as a Strong Solid Shim

��A Shim for Adjusting Plain Bearings in Automobiles

FOR use in adjusting plain bearings in any kind of machinery, the new type of shim shown in the illustration is

a time and trouble-saver in

that it can be peeled off to fit in a few seconds. his is made possible by the fact that the shim is com- [josed of lamina- tions from 2/IOOO to 3/iooo-in. thick. These are forced together luider great pres- sure and act as a solid shim, even when several layers have been removed with \our thumb-nail.

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