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Automobile Frills Which Are Making

���At Right : An Ingenious Headlight Dimming Apparatus Consisting of a Shutter Similar to the Camera Shutter. At Left: An Automobile Bumper Bar and Safe- ty Fender. The Collap- sible Network Sections Fold Up Like the Leaves of a Book

����At Left: An Ex- haust Ventilator to Prevent the Automobile En- gine from Be- coming Exces- sively Hot. Four Fluted Vents Are Provided. At Right: When the Automobile Is Traveling the Tubes Draw Out Air at the Rate of Twenty-Five Thousand Cubic Feet an Hour

��Above: When the Bumper Hits a Person the Network Drops Down Automatically and Picks Him Up and Does Not Roll or Toss Him

���Below: Seven Hcnd ol Cattle Were Transported Sixteen Miles Overland to a Country Fair with This Automobile Truck


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