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��If Your Hand Is Too Small- Stretch It AXKW instnimoiit lias beon invented for nuisii-ians. It is intended to be used by pianists and volinists in particu- lar, lo exercise llieir hands and to enlarge them. Physicians, too, will find the invention useful as a massaging device.

The instrument is fitted with groo\es tor finger liolds which move across the board by mcansof elastics. Pegssetapart for the finger iiolds, gi\-e ex- cellent practice for stretching the muscles of the hands, particularly those between the fingers. .After a short " warming up " on this board, the musician 1 is ready for real business.

���witli a mechanical de\-icc and injured himself to such an extent that he could never play the piano so well again.

Various devices are now in general use to exercise the crippled fingers of wounded soldiers. They perform the work of masseurs with tireless patience and with an effecti\eness that is truly astonishing. One of them is shown in tlic illustration on the left.

Expert typewriters and telegraphers are also adopting mechanical means for limbering up the muscles of the lands. It is said that a typist can increase her speed to nearly two lundred words a minute by per- sistent exercise — not on her type- writer, but with some such device as those illustrated. However, ike all gymnastics, mechanical massage must be indulged in very judiciousK, preferably under the direction of a pro- essional instructor, so as to a\()id all danger.

��A Mechanical Masseur Which Soldiers Who Have Been Wounded Use

��The instrument was also invented for the purpose of imjiroving the structure of the hands and it is being used in the accompanying picture on the right for that purpose.

Musicians do not view these devices with unqualified aiiproval. Unless judiciously used they may even do harm. The famous (-om()oser Robert Schumann tried to improw his hand

��Her Fingers Were So Short She Could Not Stretch an Octave on the Piano Formerly

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