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��Popular Science Monthly

��A Castle Built of Coal to Advertise the Resources of Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, has a very practical and effective way of advertising the great natural resources of that section of the state. In Chil- howee Park, the principal recreative center of Knoxville is a veritable coal castle.

The building is constructed entirely of coal, more than a hundred tons of the mineral having been employed for the purpose, although it is only one story high with a one-room interior. The usual belief that coal is not impervious to the inroads of the elements has been very effectually disproven, because the build- ing erected several years ago is sho\ying no serious sign of falling into disrepair.

In addition to advertising the fact that Knoxville is in the center of a great coal producing section, the coal castle also affords the advantages of a rest room in the park. The appearance of the structure is decidedly picturesque in its glistening, weather-polished black. The building is an added attraction to the fine park.

��Cutting the Cost of Illuminants by Wall Treatment

THE illumination of factories, rail- road terminals and department stores has been given great consideration of recent years; increased output, im- proved workmanship and a minimum of accidents having resulted in nearly every instance where better lighting sys- tems have been installed. In such places, wall treatment as a means for con- serving the illumination afforded by modern illuminants has generally been adopted. These advances have come as a result of practical observations, which show that the rays from powerful lights, falling upon dark brick or stone walls, give less light to a room than the rays from less powerful lights falling upon similar walls that have been painted in light colors with dust-resisting, wash- able paints. From the standpoint of economy it is of interest to record the fact that the monthly cost of illuminants for lighting dark-walled factories may be enormously reduced by the occasional application of such paints and the workers will appreciate it also.

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