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�Housekeeping Made Easy

��This Obliging Little Dachs- hund Holds on His Back an Iron Scraper for Removing Mud and Dirt from Shoes. He Lifts His Task from the Menial to the Decorative

���Abundant Heated Air Well Distributed Is Obtained from This Portable Air Blower Which will be Found a Great Conveni- ence in the Home for Between-Seafon's Weather, and Also in Cleaning and Dye- ing Establishments, Tonsorial Parlors, etc. Three Temperatures Are Assured


��The Latest Convenience tor the Busy Man's Tele- phone. Ic Is a Coil of Heavy Insulated Metal as a Rest for che Hand Holding the Receiver

���This Useful Household Tool May Be Used as a Hammer, a Hatchet, Wire Cutter, Tack Puller, Screw-Driver, or Pipe Wrench. The Tool Is 61 Inches Long, and Not Heavy

��On the Right Is Shown Two Pieces of Sponge Attached to Folding Frames with Small Pieces of Soap in the Center, Which Is the Most Recent Departure from the Soap-Box Being Also Used as a Sponge

A Pan Greaser That Consists of Lamp Wicking Fastened Into a Nickeled Handle Is a Sanitary Device for Greasing and Oiling Pans, as the Hands Do Not Touch the Pan At All. The Wicking May Be Washed and Renewed Whenever Desired


�� �