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Housekeeping Made Easy


�� ���A Collapsible Hair Brush Will Be Appreciated by the Traveler. The Bristles Are Set in Metal Strips Which May Be Made to Lie Flat or Stand Upright as Required

��The Illustration Shows an Adjustable Foot-Brace. It Consists of Two Planes, One of Which Is Braced Against the Foot of the Bed V/hile the Other Supports the Feet

���A New Idea in Sanitary Paper Drinking Cups Pro- vides a Straw as an Added Convenience. Each Cup Is Wrapped in a Separate Case

����A Telephone Index Which Works on the Principle of a Roller Shade Has Been Put on the Market by a Boston Manufacturer. It Consists of a Coiled Spring in a Tubular Metal Case, Which is Clamped to the Pedestal of a Desk Telephone, and a Roll of Paper Ruled Off Most Conveniently

A Chicago Firm Is Placing on the Market Articles Coated with a Phosphorescent Substance. Match - Boxes, Key - Holes, Clock Faces and Electric Switches Are Treated. If Submitted to Light Dur- ing the Day They Will Shine All Night

The Ice Pick Illustrated Below Is Made of Separable Parts. The Handle Is Provided with Jaws Which Clamp Tightly or Release the Three Removable Picks


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