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Restorino: the Hearinu: of Deafoned French Soldiers

��Dr. Marage, a well known French physi- cian, has been asked by the French Minister of War to treat soldiers who have been deaf- en ed by the explosions of shells and gre- nades. To the right. Dr. Mar- age is shown ex- amining a sol- dier to deter- mine the extent ofhisinjuries,the first step toward the restoration of his hearing




��Below, Dr. Marage's apparatus for treating deafened soldiers. It is a mechanical mouth for uttering vowel sounds. The inner ear is massaged by sound vibrations for about two weeks. No less than sixty-eight per cent of the soldiers treated are able to rejoin their regiments


��As shown at the left. Dr. Marage treats deaf soldiers by making them listen to the sounds uttered by a v owel -pro- nouncing ma- chine of his own invention. The vowels are uttered with an inten- sity, duration and quality determined by the bag of com- pressed air in the foreground

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