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Here Are a Few Interesting Things to Eat in a

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���Japanese mackerel steaks smok- ed and sun-dried to stone-like hardness. When properly pre- pared they are juicy snacks, so they say. They resemble knife- sharprening bones in this form

��AboVL-: .-\ puuiiii of delicately flavored tea packed and compressed by the bare feet of Chinese damsels

��Not a toy but an Italian pig's foot stuffed with ham meat. Everything but the tail of cord is eaten. This is but one of many food-freaks that one finds in a visit to sunny Italy

��At right: It looks like a football but it's the sun-dried cuttlefish or devil fish of the Greek coast with suckers in- tact. The shredded part is more tempting than the tentacles

���Above: Sweet butter preserved without a particle of salt inside a gourd-like con- tainer made of cheese. The whole remains fresh and edible for years

����The cuttlefish at the left is of small size. Some are so large that the suckers, when stretched to their full length, can encom- pass the girth of a half dozen human beings

��Below: Sun-dried persim- mon fruit of the Orient is the size of goose eggs. Both fruit and shell are eaten after they have been boiled

����Above: Lean pork strips sun-pre- served without salt in Spain. Deer, buffalo, car- ibou, bear, goat and tima meat is preserved in much the same way

���Scotch oat-brcadstuff in saiisagclink forn). Mexican com and black-brown tortillas. Mexico's famed crystalizcd cuclus-pulp is said to be the choicest table" delicacy of the west

��Sun-dried gizzards of Chinese geese. They are of bone-like hardness but arc edible when soaked


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