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Hungry Man's Gastronomic Trip Around the World

���Chinese tree-pith breadstuff strips, tamale, and ripened eggs only twenty-five years old

���The pure bean cheese of the Orient is made solely from prepared bean-casein curd

���The emergency rations i.i our soldiers. There are three bicaa and meat cakes and three pressed chocolate tablets

���Smoked pears from central European farmhouses are nu- tritious when properly stewed

��Genuine Turkish caviar in its solid roe form. It is clean to handle and keeps for years

��Stringed hazel nuts of the Italians. Below: Sun-dried oysters are a de- licacy in China

��Plum pudding in a bladder container is a great delicacy in southeastern Europe

����Cuttlefish preserved in its own ink, the only preserved- in-ink foodstuff known to us

���Chinese-Japanese biscuits made of wheat and bean flour

���The banana as a dried bread- stuff has been used ' by numerous races for centuries

���Sun-drifti but' (if Latin America. Some stretch it for tether ropes

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