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��To Prevent Steel from Rusting After Soldering

SOLDERING acid will cause steel surfaces to rust rapidly after the job is finished if not thoroughly cleaned off. If there is much of this work to be done it is well to have a bottle on hand filled with a solution of ordinary washing soda. When through soldering apply the soda water and wipe dry. A block can be made to hold both the acid and the soda water bottles where they will be convenient for the work.

��Luggage- Carrier to Attach to Your Bicycle

THE front fork of an old bicycle frame and a rectangular board will make a practical luggage-carrier for a bicycle.

Cut off the steering tube about i in. above the crown of the fork. Remove the outside nuts which secure the rear axle, slip the holes in the jaw-end of the fork over the axle-ends and replace the nuts.

Bore a hole in the board so as to per- mit the sawed-off steering post to enter it. Cut slots in the other end to permit the board to fit around the seat-post. A strap will hold the board-end securely to the scat-[)()st. Make it of metal and

���A board and the front fork of a bicycle make an excellent luggage - carrier

��Automobile Carbureter for Heavy Fuel Oils

THE automobile carbureter illustra- ted is designed for use with low grade or high grade gasoline, naptha or kerosene, or a mixture of these. It






���A carbureter specially designed so that low or high grade fuel oils may be used

differs from other types in that the passage of an electric current through a coil of wire connected with the storage battery of the car's ignition, lighting or self-starting system is placed below the throttle to heat the mixture enough to gi\e ins.tant ignition when starting. This is necessary because low grade fuels, such as kerosene, will not vaporize sufficiently when cold to form an explo- sive mixture. In most other carbureters using heavy fuels, the motors are started on gasoline and then switched o\er to the hea\y fuel.

The coil only serves to start the motor, after which the current is turned off. After the motor is started the fuel is kept heated by passing the exhaust gases through a chamber surrounding the top of the carbureter between the throttle and the point of attach- ment, to the intake cylinder of the manifold.

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