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Pais Avoidina the Dust from Ashes in an Old Furnace. . 285

Winter Camps 287

A Bolt Washer Used for a Nut Lock 290

Making a Kick-Mobile for Snow and Ice 290

A Craftsman's Conjbination Foot-Lathe 291

A Hand-Brake for a Flexible Runner Sled 294

Testing the Quality of Leather Belts with Vinegar 297

The Law of Retribution in the Insect World 297

A Comfortable Collar for the Horse 300

Making an Ejector of Pipe and Fittings 301

A Sharpening Block for Keen Edges on Tools. . 301 How to Drill Holes in Glass with a File Point. ... 301

A Tool Post Chip Guard for a Lathe 301

Small Auxiliary Oven for a Gas Range 301

An Old Steam-Boiler Used as a Coal-Bin 302

How to Protect Mounted Curiosities from Dust . . 302 Crumb Tray Quickly Made from a Candy Box. . . 302 Fire-Escapc Window Bracket with Lowering Basket 302 Building a Farm Forge and Blacksmith Shop .... 303 Ironinz-Board that Becomes a Bench and Step-

Ladder 304

How to Make Imitation Marble with Paints 304

Removing the Cones from Ball Bearings on Mag- netos 304

Apply a Light Color to the Kitchen Walls 305

How to Make a Support for an Automobile Frame 305 A Portable and Adjustable Holder for Storing

Round Stock 306

Turning Small Screws in Different Places with a

Wood Screwdriver 306

Finishing Aluminum Surfaces on a Buzz-Planer. . 306 To Repair Nail-Hole Punctures in Rubber Tires. 306

A Showshoe Fastener Better Than Strings 305

An Electric Gas Lighter for the Kitchen Range. . . 314

Detecting Defects in Castings with Magnets 318

The "Tungar" Rectifier for Charging Batteries on

Alternating Current 416

A Pliable Metal Screen Fabric as a Substitute for

Glass 441

Carrying Two Large Cans of Water Easily 442

The Protection and Care of Shop Belts 442

Pulverizing the Powder in Fire Extinguisher Tubes 443 Foot-Power Jig-Saw Made from a Sewing Machine 446 Construction of Mechanical Crystal Chimes . . .447 Handily Arranged Case for Drawing Tools and Inks 448

A Mixture for Removing Paint from Wood 449

To Make a Triangle Gage for a Cross-Section Liner 449

Making a Mahogany Case for a Clock 450

A Perfect Five-Pointed Star Drawn with a Compass 45 1 Removing a Heavy Truck- Wheel Without a Chain- Block 451

An Adjustable Shingling Jack for Sloping Roofs. . 452

Keeping the Tobacco at the Top of the Can 452

A Concrete Letter Box in the Form of a Post. . . . 455

Locating Electric Conduits in Old Walls 455

An Easy Way to Cut a Circle from a Glass Plate. . 456 A Method of Mending a Leaky Garden Hose .... 456 A Novel Lathe Tool Oiler Made of a Varnish Can . 456 A Safety Envelope That Affords Real Protection . . 458 An Effective Garden Path of Brick and Concrete

Blocks 459

A Stopper for Poison Bottles 459

Bracing the Back of a Long File for Level Work . . 460 Holding Reference Drawings on a Drawing Board

Conveniently 460

How to Plot Angles Accurately 460

A Home-Made Fireless Cooker for the Camp 461

To Prevent a T-Square from Slipping on a Drawing

Board 461

A Filing Clamp for Use in the Jaws of a Vise 462

A Brad Awl Made from a Button Hook 463

An Emergency Mallet Made from a Broomstick. . 463

Making a Tap and Die for Emergency Work 463

Waste Scrap Leather ' 'sed for Shoe Soles 463

Holding a Nut Steady Without the Aid of a Locknut 464

Making Wall Plaques in Plaster of Paris 464

Making Parallel Bars for the Home Gymnasium. . 465

Making a Practical Fluoroscope at Home 472

Cutting Holes in Plaster for Switch-Boxes 473

Drawing Ionic Scrolls 604

An Emergency Clothes Hanger Made from Paper . 607

A New Combination Triangle for Draftsmen 607

Cleaning the Crusted Carbide on Containers 608

A Novel Waste-Basket with a Drop Bottom 608

An Accident Chart Showing Injuries to Miners. . . 609

A Rabbit Trap Made of Ordinary Drain Tile 609

A Wall Book Shelf of "Built-in" Appearance 609

Goggles Used in Chemistry 610


Paper Clips with a Stick Used for Paper File 610

To Keep Weight of Automobile from Tires 610

An Adjustable Stand Helper 611

A Free End Hacksaw Blade for Difficult Work. . . 61 1

A Lubricator for Automobile Steering Pivots 61 I

A Soda Mixture for Quickly Removing Varnish. . . 611 How to Construct a Door-Mat of Wood Slats. ... 612 An Inexpensive Method of Coloring Electric Globes 612

Oxidizing Iron with Fumes from Acids 612

Truck for Handling Filled Sacks on Stairways. ... 612

An Expanding Bolt for a Bottle Stopper 613

Moving Targets for a Home Shooting Gallery. ... 613

Sponsors for Motor Boat or Motor Canoe 613

Making a Reamer from an Old Three Cornered File 614

A One-Piece Hanger for a Flaring Pie Tin 614

A Quick Way to Level the Legs of a Table 614

Replacing Old Valve-Stems in Automobile Tires. . 614 A Successful Anti-Leak Device for Paint Brushes. 614

Plans for Smoke Houses 615

Shoring Up a Porch-Post to Repair Floor-Boards. 616

Pan for Sterilizing Dairy Utensils 617

Repairing Gasoline Pipe with Oiied Paper 618

A Practical Wagon Trig 618

Celluloid Makes a Superior Stencil Cutting Base. .'^619 A Convenient Tag-Holder for the Shippinz Room. 619

Making a Handy Pencil-Holder of a Board 619

Sheet Metal as a Substitute for a Small Nut 619

Using the Automobile Jack to Straighten a Frame 619 Drawing a Nail Easily After Striking It a Blow .... 620

Removing Small Bronze Bushings 620

Smooth Tone Phonograph Diaphragm 620

Winning an Athlete's Laurels 62 1

A Simply Constructed Vapor Plug 626

A Substitute Drafting-Rule 627

A Self-Contained Battery Lamp for Physicians' Use 627

Preventin<? Hard Rubber from Breaking 628

How to Make an Experimental Dictagraph 639

Fabric Linings Take the Place of Wood and Steel in

Braking Trains 760

A New Life-Preserver Made of Sheet Metal 761

Using Straight Side Tires on Clicher Rimns 761

A Small Single Cylinder Homemade Automobile. . 762 Fancy Wood Arms to Convert Trunk into a Seat . . 763

Salt Cellar Filler Made from an Oblong Can 763

An After-Dinner Trick with a Table Fork 764

Water Power from Small Streams 765

A Sheet Metal Ddor-Stop for Swinging Doors .... 768

A Simple Solution for Cleaning Straw Hats 768

A Rotary Pump of Novel Construction 768

Making a Model Gyroscope from a Wire Spoke

Wheel 769

Repairing a Broken Carbureter Lever on Auto- mobile Engine 769

A Center Finder for Round Bars and Shafts 770

A Light Running Home-Made Feed Truck 770

Writing Name under Shell on White of an Egg . . 770

Remodeling the Motorcycle 771

Iron and Steel Made Rust-Proof with Chemicals. . 773 A Bail-Bearing Lathe Center for Large Holes. . . . 774

An Easy Method of Making Banana Liquid 774

Holder for Cutting Glass and Photographic Plates 774 A Broiler for Use on Stoves Using Liquid Fuel. . . 775

Household Water-Still of Easy Construction 775

Wood that Is Most Suitable for Carving 775

Making a Small Colony Poultry House 776

A Multiple Tool Boring-Bar for Machinists 777

To Prevent the Corners of a Rug from Curling. . . 777

A Container for Small Safety Match Boxes 778

To Locate the Center of a Ceiling 778

A Locomotive Spring Rack Made of Ties and Rails 778

A Marine Glue that Will not Become Brittle 778

Making Small Gears for Emergency Use 779

Starting Automobile with Current Taken from

Another Car 779

A Substitute for a Painter's Striping Brush 779

To Cut Automobile Tire Fabric on an Angle 780

Making a Substitute Wood Handle for the Dustpan 780

A Puzzle Box with a Concealed Latch Pin 780

A Scraper for Cleaning Stone Surfaces 780

The Necessity of a Thorough Buffing for Tire

Repairs 786

To Prevent a Motorcycle Theft by Short-Circuiting

Spark-Plug 786

Repairing a Broken Curved Implement Handle. . . 786

Using Old Phonograph Horns for Vases 786

Filling Wide Vertical Cracks and Seams with Putty 923 A Handy Farmer's Anvil Made of a Railroad Rail 923 An Inexpensive Stove for Fruit Canning Purposes 923

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