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Page Developing a Long Photographic Film in One Piece 430 Taking Photographs with a "Shot-Gun" Camera. . 505

Loneer Daylight in Motion-Picture Studios 553

Taking Portraits Ageiinst a Background of Soap

Bubbles. 683

Four Motion-Picture Shows in One 741

Holder for Cutting Glass and Photographic Plates 774

Testing the Motorman's Skill 806

Making Natural-Color Motion Pictures 831

Editing a Motion-Picture Film with a Phonograph 832

Making Motion-Picture Films 834

A Fake Motion-Picture Camera-Crank 864

A Wooden Tank for Motion-Pictures 871

A Camera Timing-Release Which Fnables You to

Photograph Yourself 886

EJectrically Operated Camera Shutter for Photo- graphing Birds 92 1

Making Films for Artistic Projections 924

Dropper Bottle for Photographic Bromide Solution 926 A Durable Dead Black for the Inside of Cameras. . 940 Changing Bag for the Moving Camera Operator. . 946


Bottle Tricks — Old and New 6

Comfort and Safety for the Man Overboard 8

Where the High Cost of Living Is Unknown 9

A British Dispatch Rider 12

The End of One of Farragut's Old Flagships 13

American Made Toys 14—15

A Monster Gun ia the Process of Making 16

The Sup)erdreadnought Pennsj-lvania 17

Efficiency Methcxis in Hauling and Scouring as

Employed on the Water ; 18-19

Are There Inventors Among the Insects? 20

Eyes That Were Never Made for Seeing 21

Going to School in a Freight Car 22

The Wonderworld of Ice Crystals -. 23

Making Stained Glass . 166

Cable Laying 168

Children of Vulcan 1 70

A White Negro 1 72

A Unique Suspension Bridge 173

Rebuilding French Villages 174

Some Queer Hats 1 76

Looking-Glass Rock 1 77

Manufacturing Bottles 1 78

The Work of the Taxidermist 180

A Mountain of Tea for the Fighting Tommy 327

The Ganges Swallows the Ashes of India's Dead. . 328 They Grow Cannon Balls on Trees in South

America 329

Making Shells for Europe — America's New In- dustry 330

Temporary Vaults at Panama for the Chinese Dead 332

A Modern Titan Among the Derricks 333

On Rio's Famous Aerial Cableway 335

The Native Homes of Orchids and Dwarfed Pines 336 Hats and Temples: They Build Them Both with

Hair 337

Ice Tennis — The New Indoor Winter Sport 338

India's Sacred Bull Draws a Lawn-Mower 339

Photographing Peru's Lonesomest River 340

Blonde and Brunette Bears of One Species 341

Cross Country Golf 48^-489

Searchlights Watching for Aeroplanes 490

Sculptors in Central Park 491

Rearing Birds for the Rich 492-493

Women ScientisU 494-495

A Million-Dollar Schoolhouse 496

The Wreck of the Sumner 497

A Thousand-Dollar Playhouse , 498

Sling Tennis 499

Shackleton's Ejipedition 500-501

Tanning Leather 502-503

Bust of Lincoln 648

Raising Goats on Scrub-Oak 649

Submarine Chasers 650-651

Acres of Violets 652

Rearing Snakes 653

Monastir from an Airptane 654-655

Curious Birds 656

Making Spaghetti 657

Monsters of Prehistoric "Times in Concrete. . . .658-659

An fcUectrically-Lighted Swing 660

Edison's Birthday Celebration 661

Underground Summer Home 662-663

Famous Idols of the World . 808-809


Dried Apple Sculpture 810

EJuding tne Paris Customs Inspectors 81 1

Having a Good Time on Shipboard 812-813

Women Wireless Operators 814

Training Red Cross Dogs 815

Modern Coal Mining Methods-, 816-817

Garden Decoration in China 818

Guarding Property from Cranks 819

Two-Legged Mercantile Establishments 820-821 .

Making Colossal Models for Signs 822-823


A Key Indicator to Tell When a Door Is Locked. . 122

Puzzling Tricks with Paper 1 23

Holder for Steel Wool to Protect the Hands 125

Molding Hamburger Steak with a Can-Cover .... 125

A Quick Hardener for Patching Holes in Castings 125 Automobile Luggage-Carrier for the Running

Board 1 26

Handy Receptacle for Small Screws and Brads. . . 126 A License-Tag Holder for the Front Axle of an

Automobile 1 26

The Making of Photographic Silhouettes 127

A Ground Color for Applying Mahogany Stain. . . 128 Repairing Molded Rubber Goods with Quick-Cure

Cement 1 28

Repairing the Torque-Rod Support of an Auto- mobile 1 28

To Sharpen Skate-Runners with a File .' 1 28

The Cree Indian Snow-Shoe 129

Climbing an Unspiked Pole by Means of a Piece of

Heavy Wire 132

Making Tenons on Thin Rails and Slats 132

Swinging Stanchion That Gives Comfort to the Cow 1 33 Rope and Pulleys for Hoisdng a Bicycle Out of the

Way 134

A Wriring Ink Made from Discarded Typewriter

Ribbons. . . 134

Making a Motion- Picture Camera 135

An Adjustable High and Low Stool for the Type- setter 137

An Easy Way to Remove Old Varnish or Paint. . 137

Sliding Elxhibit Tray for a Show-Case Top 137

Making a Small Gas Blowpipe of Brass "Tubing. . 138

Sawing Boards on the Table of a Milling Machine 138 A False Ceiling of Lattice Work for Ornamental

Purposes 1 38

A Coasting Bob 1 39

A Shoe-Scraper Made of a Wagon Step 140

How to Make Spiral Springs with Breast Drill. . . 141

Quickening the Flow of Oil When Cold 141

Simple Means of Removing Tarnish from Silverware 141

The Tea-Table Idea Applied to the Kitchen 141

Using Discarded Range Boilers for Air Pressure

Tanks 141

A Cork Substitute for the Toilet Flush-Box BaU. . 142

How to Build Bucket Seats for Automobiles 142

Photographic Focusing Table for Hand-Cameras. . 143 An Indexing Hunt for Readers of Current Maga- zines 143

Solution for Cleaning Steel Wire 143

Why the Tread on Repaired Tires Fails to Stick. . 143

Fastening Brad- Awl Blades Securely in Handles. . 144 Preventing Melting Frost from Dripping on

Window-Sills 144

To Sharpen a Reed for a Clarinet or Saxaphone. . 144 Gluing Leather. Qoth, and the Like to Metal

Surfaces 145

Making a Bin for Storing Scrap-Brass Collected

from Sweepings 145

Thawing Frozen Water-Pipes -witli an Electric

Current 145

Coloring EUectric Globes for Decorative Lighting. . 146

Elstimating the Cost of Painting a Detached House 146

A Knitting Needle Used for Testing Milk 146

Making a Coin Disapp>ear at a Word of Command 281

A Gas Lamp Riddle for a Store Window Display. . 282

Cleaning Steel Pens with a Glycerine Sponge 282

Bending Brass and Copper Tubing Easily 282

A Cigarette Holder Which Expels the Burned End 282

House Plants and How to Care for Them 284

Heating a Rusty Nail to Loosen It for Pulling. . . 285 How to Make an Adjustable Drawing - Board

Stand 285

Enlarging Wooden Pulleys by Building Up the

Face 286

Vasctte Made ol Copper Plate and Tcst-Tube . . 286

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