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What Poor Pavements Cost the Automobile

Owner . 427

Cleaning the Oil-Pump Screen on an Automobile

Engine 449

Removing aHeavy Truck- Wheel Without a Chain- Block 451

Using Dirty Waste Oil from Automobile Crankcases 452

An Improvised Trouble Light for Motorists 458

Portable Stove for Campers and Automobilists . . . 469 An Exhaust Pipe Heater for a Motorcycle Sidecar 466 Right Pressure for Bead Molds in Making Tire

Repairs 466

Novel Tank Condenses Boiled-Over Radiator

Water . . . 513

Sand the Road If It's Slippery. The Newest Auto- mobile Accessory Does That 513

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessoies. . .514-515

Shifting Gears Automatically 524

New York Police Uses Wireless 531

Armored Motor Cars 540

A Vacuum Automobile Brake 545

Cleaning Sewers with the Aid of a Motor Truck. . 556

Increasing the Push of Automobile Engines 560

The Gasoline Caddy and Errand Boy 566

Look Out for Automobile Gas — It Is Fatal 568

Regulating the Automobile Searchlight by a Simple

Push Button 569

Grind Your Valves at Home. A Machine Made

for Car Owners 576

An Alarm That Warns You of a Leaking Tire. . . 580 At Last! An Automatic Motor-Driven Tire Pump 586 Automobile Lights Which Turn with the Roads. . 588 Removing Carbon from Your Automobile Engine

with Water 588

Hitching a Motorcycle to a Buggy 597

Converting an Automobile Into a Farm Workhorse 598

Dynamo Lighting System for a Motorcycle 601

Things to Know About Motorcycle Clutches .... 601 Marking Date of Repairs on Automobile Tires . . . 604 Re-Shellacking a Cork-Float on an Automobile

Engine 604

Housing the Motorcycle 605

Marking an Automobile for Positive Identification 607

To Keep Weight of Automobile from Tires 610

A Lubricator for Automobile Steering Pivots 61 I

Replacing Old Valve-Stems in Automobile Tires. . 614 Using the Automobile Jack to Straighten a Frame 619 A Simply Constructed Vapor Plug for Automobile

Engines < 626

Don't Soil Your Car Floor 645

An Electric Signal System for the Automobile .... 684 Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories. . .686—687

The Army Mule Ambulance 703

The Circus Motors to Town 709

A Gasoline Horse 710

Efficient Truck Loader 711

The I nside of a Tank 712

Automobile Contest Winner 720

A Wire-Mesh Top for the Automobile 727

A Non-Skid Automobile Device Without Chains. . 729 An Electric Semaphore Signal for the Automobile. 735 An Automobile Spring which Takes up Shocks. . . 750

New Valveless Four-Cycle Gasoline Motor 752

Using Straight Side Tires on Clincher Rims 761

A Small Single Cylinder Homemade Automobile. . 762 Repairing a Broken Carbureter Lever on Automo- bile Engine 769

Remodeling the Motorcycle 771

Starting Automobile with Current Taken From

Another Car , 779

To Cut Automobile Tire Fabric on an Angle 780

To Prevent a Motorcycle Theft by Short-Circuit- ing Spark Plug 786

Another Inventor's Idea for Speeding Up the

Automobile 805

An Observation-Tower Car for the Army 837

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories. . .838-839

Barney Oldfield's Racer 859

A Good Automobile Whistle 866

Ploughing the Farm by Automobile 881

A Combined Automobile Spring and Shock Ab- sorber 887

Carrying the Cook-Stove on the Automobile Trip 896

The Double Automobile Spring 914

Troubles with the Safety Spark Gap on Motor- cycles 922

Substitute for an Automobile Hub-Cap. 934

A Telescoping Motorcycle Jack for Road Use 936


Not Buried — ^Only Encrusted in Snow 7

The Great Hawaiian Volcano Kilauea 10- 1 1

Are There Inventors Among the Insects? 20

Eyes That Were Never Made for Seeing 21

The Wonderworld of Ice Crystals 23

How Do Birds Always Know Where They Are? . . 64

How Do Fish Locate Fresh- Water So Unerringly? 69

How Life Begins 88

An Icicle Which "Sprouted" Overnight 92

What Jack Frost Did with a Fountain of Running

Water 92

A Winter Elxperiment with Bulbs 93

A Tree Root that Resembles a Young Deer 165

A Wonderful Specimen of a Petrified Bird's Nest. . 188

Music from the Bowels of the Earth? Yes; in Texas 188

This River Is One of Nature's Puzzles 191

We Don't Eat This Unfashionable Fish 205

Snow: A Curse and a Blessing 225

Even Bees Should Be Careful Where They Locate 243 Are You Interested in Cellar Farming? Let the

Parasol Ant Instruct You 243

They Grow Cannon Balls on Trees in South

America 329

The Native Homes of Orchids and Dwarfed Pines 336

Blonde and Brunette Bears of One Species 341

Making Artificial Leaves 342

Horse-Collar Grows on a Tree 343

TransplantingPalmTreesWithout Sacrificing Their

Foliage •.•••, ^^^

The Transformation of a Caterpillar's Foot 428

The Strangling Fig — A Terror of the Vegetable

Kingdom 511

A Redwood as Compared with a Railway Train ... 557

Sentinel Rocks and Their Story 570

Nature Supplies Boise with Hot Water 572

How Did the Crocus Grow in the Bottle? 573

Do You Know That We Americans Have Over a

Hundred Volcanoes ? 587

Telling the Age of Water-Marks on a Lake Shore. . 595 Nature Hides a One Thousand-Pound Stone Toma- hawk in a Coal Mine 597

The "Missing Link" Among the Fishes. 672

That Cloud— How Fast Is It Drifting? 674

Why the Tendrils of a Plant Grow in Two Direc- tions 677

Mystery of Stone Giants 682

Siamese Twins Among Trees 717

A Miniature Grove on a Tower 728

Relics of the Almost Extinct American Buffalo . . . 747 Like a Combination Tool Is the Blood-Sucking

Apparatus of the Horsefly 749

A Self-Warming River 751

The Birth of a Butterfly 824

The Mangrove Shields of the Savages 833

The Gourd in the Bottle 883

Natural Curiosities Among the Rivers 889

A Flowery Conception of the Western Hemisphere 897 Grasshoppers Which Fly a Thousand Miles Out at

Sea 909


Giving Body Relief to Motion-Pictures . . ; 28

Photographing a Bald Eagle 46

Testing Your Camera Lens 58

How Life Begins *. 88

Producing Trick Photographs 104

How Motion-Picture Statues Are Made Overnight 1 14 Avoiding Eye-Strain in Watching Motion-Pictures 1 15 Making Storms to Order for Motion-Pictures .... 115 Why Wheels Run Backwards on the Motion- Picture Screen 1 20

The Making of Photographic Silhouettes 127

Making a Motion-Picture Camera 135

Photographic Focusing Table for Hand-Cameras. . 143 Motion-Pictures Tell South Americans of Our

Industrial Development 232

How Are Photographs Made in Natural Colors . . . 254

Statues that Move. Dance and Fight 257

Photographing Magnetic Field Lines Without a

Negative 28 1

A Model Darkroom 298

A Faked "War Photograph" 350

Wooden Guns in Motion-Pictures 379

The Race Between Nature and the Scientific

Camera 426

Motion-Pictures on Glass Plates 433

Stencils Cut from Discarded Photographic Film . 443

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