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An Iris Diaphragm for Front and Rear Lights. . . . 535

Loading a Revolver in Two Seconds 535

Lubricating a Rifle Barrel with a Graphite Cart- ridge 535

Mechanical Helps ^'^^lll

Liberty's Torch ■ • 552

Strap It on Your Neck and Cut Your Hair Yourself 565 Whiz, Whiz Goes This Electric Buzz-Saw as It Cuts

Up a Beef Carcass 569

A Perfume Spray from a Penny Slot Machine. . . . 579

Loading Ashes by the Sky Route ._ 581

Shave Yourself with a Buzz-Saw — That's the

Newest in Razors • 585

A Machine Which Automatically Feeds Twine and

Cuts It 587

It Takes Four Thousand Characters to Typewrite

in Chinese 599

Foiling Torpedoes with Whirling Plates 643

Handy Mechanical Appliances 694-695

The Single-Man Tank 702

Five Hundred Miles an Hour 705

A College-Factory Engineering Course 724

Open the Door and Wind Up the Clock 725

Ejcit the Stevedore 736

A Mine-Car Which Unloads Itself 737

A Bridge of Cables. Boards and Chicken Wire 760

A One-Man Tree-Felling Saw 851

New Mechanical Appliances 852-853

Sorting Mail with a Typewriter 854

A Re-Inking Typewriter Roller 855

A "Community" Power Plant 867

A Trowel Which Places and Molds Concrete Curbs 890 Drilling Holes in Concrete on a New Principle. . . 891 The Intelligent Trough. It Measures Out Water

to the Thirsty Animal 895

This Contractor Carries His Power Shop to His Job 895 Freighting a Steamer by the Marine Elevator. . . . 908 A Pigmy Electric Crane with the Strength of a

Giant 912


Don't Shoot the Dog — Help Him as If He Were

Human 3

A New Method of Identifying Infants 41

A Supporting Harness for the Wounded 47

A Machine that Massages Your Pains Away 66

Every Time We Wink We Give the Eye a Bath . . 68

A Peculiar Disease of the Teeth 165

The Lesson Denmark Taught with Calves 182

A Fountain Tooth Brush 194

Mr. Average Healthy Man's Enormous Appetite. . 195

A Combination Comb and Toothbrush Holder. ... 197

A Flag- Waving Device 216

Simple Method for Pasteurizing Milk 216

Food Inspection in New York 222 223

Taking Turkish Baths in Your Own Home 237

A Convenient Holder for Dental Floss 280

A Stimulating Climate May Be the Cause of Suicide 280

A Tooth-Brush Drill for School Children 325

Teaching Health Lessons with Automobiles and

Motion-Pictures 344

Digest Your Food Electrically! You Can Do It

with a Wireless Apparatus 345

Helping the Deaf to Hear with a New Electrical

Ear... 353

Our Invisible Friends and Foes 366

Grafting with Frog's Skin 382

Artificial Feet of Paper Pulp 395

A Special Shampoo Chair and Basin 400

Curing the Insane with Water 401

Portable Moving Platforms 405

A Stretcher Which Parts in the Middle 406

Curing Rheumatism with Radium 415

Supporting the Arch of the Foot with an Elxtra Heel 429

Pneumatic Tires for Your Shoes 436

A Tooth-Brush with a Removable Bristle-Pad. . . . 456

Breathing by Machinery 528

Fighting General Typhoid 531

The Bicycle to the Rescue in Leg Treatments. . . . 576

Bathing in Melted Wax 578

Rag-Time Music as an Adjunct to the Operating

Table 585

Giving the Teeth a Clean Sweep with a Rotary

Tooth-Brush 587

��Page Massaging the Digestive Organs by Deep Breathing 664

A Toy Field Hospital for an Object Lesson 673

Testing the Op)€ration of Wooden Feet and Legs. 681

A Gentle but Firm Restrainer for the Insane 726

Getting Rid of Vermin in the Trenches 742

Restaurant Waiters and Cooks Must Be Mani- cured 805

Fruit Acid, a Good Mouth Cleanser 828

Ultra- Violet Rays for Bald Heads 880

Rubber — An Armor Against Disease Germs 894

A New First Aid to the Fractured 916


A Junior Runabout 3

No Danger of Falling from This Motorcycle 5

The Motorcycle Becomes Popular for Sledding ... 50

Turning a Motorcycle into a Motor Ice-Sled 50

Making a New Motorcycle Record 51

Smoothing Skating Surfaces with a Motorcycle Ice

Plow 51

Combining the Garage with the Home 52-53

Picking Up Tacks in Front of Your Automobile. . 72

Putting Railroad Wheels on Automobiles 82

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories. . . .84-87

A Junior Runabout 106

Saving Tire-Money 107

A Wooden Boulevard Over the Desert 116

Climbing Out of a Mud Hole 118

Making the Automobile Do the Chores 119

Paper Funnel for Use in Place of a Grease-Gun. . 122 Automobile Luggage-Carrier for the Running

Board 126

A License-Tag Holder for the Front Axle of an

Automobile 126

Repairing the Torque-Rod Support of an Auto- mobile 1 28

How to Build Bucket Seats for Automobiles 142

Why the Tread on Repaired Tires Fails to Stick. . 143 Substituting Steam for Gasoline in Automobiles. . 184

Demountable Road-Oiling Tank 189

The Road-Rail and Its New Truck 192

Convert Your Bicycle into a Motorcycle 195

New Type Motorcycle Uses Two-Cycle Motor with

Magneto in Flywheel 200

A Hot Plate Camp Stove for the Automobile Tourist 206 To Uitload This Truck You Tilt the Platform ... 208

You Can See Gas in This Station 216

Standardizing Our Automobile Shop Language . . . 230

An Armored Motor-Car for the Navy 231

Low-Bed Truck Steered by Huge Bull Wheel ... 244

Removable Steering- Wheel to Foil the Thief 251

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories. . .252-253 Bringing the Steering Wheel Back into Position

Automatically 258

A Grocery Store on Wheels 267

Motorcycle Lamp and Horn Combined 270

Opening Automobile Doors by a Foot Lever 272

An Oil-Gage Made from a Broomstick 283

What Do Your Tires Cost You a Mile? 284

Removing Automobile Engine-Valves Enclosed in a

Sleeve 290

A Motor-Manikin Which Waves Its Arms and Yells 344 Teaching Health Lessons with Automobiles and

Motion-Pictures 344

Hoisted by an Automobile Into the Clouds 352

A Pushmobile De Luxe for the Youthful Speedster 356 Making the Front Axle Help Drive the Automobile 357

The Workingman's Automobile 357

A New Ball Differential for Automobiles 360

Combined Brake and Non-Skid Device for Auto- mobiles 362

Light Railroading Accomplished by Automobile . . 362 Another Addition to the Motor-Bicycle Family. . . 363

A New Type Motor-Truck for Coal Delivery 363

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories. . . .364—65

The Automatic Traffic Controller 382

Learning to Drive an Automobile 385

A Model 600-Car Garage 386

An Electric Vulcanizer 391

Sacrificing Diamonds for Accuracy in Manufactur- ing Automobiles 406

Operating an Automobile Steering Wheel with

Oil.. 412

A Burglar- Alarm for the Automobile 416

An Automobile Salesroom on Wheels 422

New Motorcycle with Horizontal Opposed Motor. 427

�� �