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The Wreck of the Sumner 497

The Terror of the Sea . 546

Trolley Cars on Water 560

The Acetylene Life Buoy. It Blows Itself Up .... 583

Torpedo-Boat Destroyers 693

A Non-Sinkable Lifeboat 696

Hiding a Ship in Smoke 704

Fighting Crafts Cost a Fortune to Build 725

What's a Dreadnought? And Its Purpose? 729

The Battle Cruiser of the Future 730

The Torpedo Boat Destroyer 826

Six Acres of Coal Floating on the Mississippi. . . . 836

A Giant Life-Raft 850

Wooden Ships of 3.000 Tons 860

A Sunken Ship That Earned a Fortune 884

Freighting a Steamer by the Marine Elevator .... 908

Locating a Sunken Ship 920


Prince, the Only Ice-Skating Bear 4i

Riding a Bicycle on Your Stomach 41

Salmon Fishing in the Columbia 99

A Coasting Bob 139

An Electric Alarm Signal for the Fisherman 1 49

The "Why" of a Golf Ball's Flight ■ 186

Is This the Secret of Ventriloquy? 209

Bicycling for the Blind 217

Making Designs with a Magnet 217

Playing Checkers with Electric Lights 246

Interesting Winter Games 295

A Trip to Sugar Loaf Mountain 334

The Latest Rival of the "Punch and Judy" Show. 348 A "Preparedness" Sleeping Outfit for the Camp . . 361

A Machine for Teaching Golf 371

A Broncho for the Surf 389

The Stars and Stripes Forever! .' 390

Muskrat Hunting 394

A Butting Match Between Mechanical Pugilists. . 432 A Doll Which Is Abused for the Sake of Exercise . . . 432

The Game of the Pot of Gold 457

A Golf Ball's Washing Machine 406

Fighting the Terrible Devil Fish 483

The Book Theater 487

Sun Glasses for the Baseball Muffer 487

A New Press for the Tennis Racket 512

Freaks of Nature — And How to Make Them 516

A See-Saw Swing 557

Shoot Your Deer from Horseback 567

Sliding Down a Mountain on a Summer Sled 584

Training Harvard's Crew on an Artificial River 598 New Clay Pigeons That Break with a Single Shot . 602

A Cover and Press for the Tennis Racket 684

Flying Kites for Prizes 743

New York City's Indoor Golf Course 747

Playing Baseball with Rifles 751

A Practical Shotgun Sight for the Trap-Shooter . . 753

Coaxing Birds to Your Garden 756

Winning an Athlete's Laurels 781

A Clever Fishing Device 828

A Vanity Case for the Bather 856

An Aid to the One-Eyed Shooter 865

A Bicycle Mounted on Rollers 866

Catching Minnows for Bait in a Basket-Net 883

How to Take a Drink and Eat Wiiile Fishing 888

Decorating Pottery with Sealing Wax 889

Toy Clowns That Perform Acrobatic Feats 889

At What Age Does the Athlete Begin to Lose

Form? 896

Ball Throwing with a Sling 902

Winning an Athlete's Laurels 941


The Superdreadnought Pennsylvania 17

Protecting a Battleship Against Torpedoes 81

What the First Aerial Bombs Were Made of 165

Firing a Big Artillery Gun 212

Rubber Instead of Glass Eyes for Wounded Soldiers 244 How French Air Fighters Handle Bombs and

Machine Guns 256

The Biggest Battle Cruiser 268

Discovering the Spy's Secrets by Means of a

Lemonade Bath 349

Evaporated Foods, an Outcome of the War 373

The Greatest Game in the World 407

Why Zeppelins Are Frightful ; 518

The Torpedo Car — A Super-Trench Destroyer .... 526


If Helmets Are Good, Why Not Armor? 530

A Non-Recoil Gun 532

Defending Our Coast 543

Playing at Battle 544

The Terror of the Sea 546

New York State Protects Her Strategic Points. 553-554

Teaching Our Soldiers How to Fight 561

The Convertible Knapsack 568

Turning Out Helmets for the French 569

Why Navies Have Small Armored Cruisers 577

War Time Uses of Wood 590

Foiling Torpedoes with Whirling Plates 643

A Honk! Honk! in the Trenches Means "Don Your

Gas Masks!" 664

The Story of the Machine Gun 666

A Toy Field Hospital for an Object Lesson 673

Army Cooks Prefer Kerosene to Wood for Fuel. . 679

How Aviators Land Safely at Night 680

"Bullet-Proof Rooms. Two Dollars Per Day" 683

Submarine Mines 689

Torpedoing from an Airplane 690

Torpedo-Boat Destroyers 693

The Single-Man Tank 702

Hiding a Ship in Smoke 704

The I nside of a Tank 712

Fighting Crafts Cost a Fortune to Build 725

The Battle Cruiser of the Future 730

Combining the Periscope with the Military Rifle. . 740

Getting Rid of Vermin in the Trenches 742

Wireless in the Trenches 795

Laying Telegraph Cables Under Fire 803

An Observation-Tower Car for the Army 837

Making Your Watch Tell the Truth 849

An Upside-Down Watch '. 856

"Going to Sea" in an Armory 857

A Modern Armor 858

Ten Thousand Medical Officers Are Needed for a

Million-Man Army 886

Stopping Mexican Bullets with Sand-Filled Cans 891

A Novel Bicycle Ejierciser for the Wounded 896

The War Costs Great Britain the Cost of a Panama

Canal Every Thirteen Days 897

What the Zeppelins Have Cost London in Acci- dents and Deaths 912

The Favorite Weapon of Assault 917


A Sheltered Feeding for the Birds 28

Man Becomes a Beast in Hand-to-Hand Conflict. 30 Giving a Personal Touch to Circulars and Form

Letters 31

Putting the Bicycle to Work 31

A Periscope Attached to Field-Glasses 32

An Obliging Cigar-Lighter Which Feeds Lighted

Matches 32

How I Judge Men 33

A Practical Fuel-Oil Burner 40

A Pneumatic E,xterminator 44

A Bullet-Riddled Dispatch-Rider's Car 46

A Giant Hobby-Horse 47

Preventing Cats and Squirrels from Climbing Trees 49

Reforming Bad Boys with Egg-Shells 49

A Brush for the Phonograph Needle 54

How They Wash Clothes with Wind 60

Rope Riches of the Philippines 61

Combination Christmas Tree-Holder, Telephone

Stand, and Tabouret 64

An Eight-Hour Clock for the Eight-Hour Day.. 65

Adjustable Stilts 68

A Wrestling Dummy 68

A Bungalow Fire Station 70

A Carload Featherbed of Scrap Tin 70

Getting the Most Out of Mining Mules 70

Safeguarding the Nation's Money 76

Cooling Off a River with Its Own Water 80

Felling a Stack of Steel by Means of a Flame .... 80 A Steam Tractor Makes a Theater Audience

Conifortable 83

A Device for Extracting Rusty Pen-Points 95

A Box-Testing Machine 95

Is That Ten Dollar Bill Good or Bad? 97

Providing Your Pen with an Ink Well 98

Freakish Accidents 100

A Friend of the Traveling Shoe Salesman Must

Have Invented This .- ■ • • ' ' ^

The Problem of the Sloping Shoulder Solved with a

Plumb-Line 113

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