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The Versatility of a Pocket Comb 117

Safety Searchlights for Firemen 163

Thirteen Windmills Decorating One Pole 188

Concrete Drinking Fountain of Novel Design. ... 189 Protecting Flocks from Coyotes by Means of a Gas

Lamp "Gun" 190

"Don'ts" for Gasoline Users 193

The Sandwich Man cu an Ally of the Telephone 195

Is Ink Becoming Scarce? Not in Algeria 196

Mahogany Cigarette Mills that Pass the Cigarettes 196 It Is Impossible for You to Lose This Hand-Bag . . . 198 Consider the Cow. She Helps Make Buttons and

Shoe Polish 1 98

Saved by the Bullet Intended to Kill Him ... 198

Did the French Borrow This Idea from the Druids? 201

Many Good Things Are Made from Yeast 203

A Baby-Incubator Made Out of an Old Soap-Box 203

The Largest and the Smallest Watches 204

Directing Traffic from a Portable Platform 204

Eliminating the Waiter in the Restaurant 205

Filtering Rainwater Through Charcoal 206

Afraid of Fire? Then Carry a Pocket Fire-Elscape 207 How a Whale Fought a Submarine and Sank Her 207

How Much Do You See When You Look? 208

Making Heads for Hats 209

A Combined Show Case and Scales 212

Writing with a Fork 218

"A Plausible Lie" 224

Don't Throw a Horse. Make Him Lie Down 230

The Rubber Stamp Has Many Uses. Good and Bad 231 Even the Horses Must Have Drinking Cups .... 238

Here's a New Hat Style from Mexico! 238

How Germany Manages to Feed Her Millions . . . 239 The Ferris Wheel Turned into a Baby Carriage. . 239 The Elskimo Workbasket Is Worn About the Neck . 240 Are You Tired? Then Sit on Your Walking Stick 240 Keeping Hungry Rats and Rabbits Out of Sewers 242 A Caliper that Makes Extraordinary Measurements 244

Washing River Water for Power Plants 245

Discovering the Well Known Saw 248

The Most Nutriment in the Least Space 251

Help Protect Yourself 260

A Diving Helmet Made from a Boiler 262

The "Mouchoir Tetc" 263

A California Novelty in Street Signs 263

An Alligator Sewer-Cleaner 267

Shoot Him with Your Pen-Knife 272

Will We Dress in Paper Clothes? 273

How Much Does that Cloth Cost? 276

Could You Pass This Examination? 277

Use This and Your Shoe-Laces Will Never Be

Untied 304

Chin Chin, the EUephant, Gets Her Winter Shoes . . 326

Applied Mechanics in the Secret Service 346

A New Pipe Which Is Sanitary and Nicotine-Prooif 353 Conducting a Thriving Business from Hospital Beds 368

An Ocean of Green Silk 372

Making a Fortune Out of Tears 373

Hell Swazey Breaks Up the Dance 376

A Dancing Comedian for the Piano 383

The Mothering Instinct in Hens 383

Where Cows Wear Spectacles 383

Why Does the Heart Stop Beating at Death? 384

A Land Ride for Whales 384

Old Dobbin Wears Goggles 389

An Ant Can Carry Ten Times Its Own Weight . . . 392

Canine Aristocrats 392

A Cane with a Flashlight 393

Stripped of His Clothes by a Projecting Cutter . . . 396

A Special Shampoo Chair and Basin 400

Taking the "Kick" Out of a Revolver 405

In What Position Does a Rifle Bullet Return to

Earth? 412

Blind Boy Scouts ' 417

The Liberty Bell I. Sick and That U Why It

Cracked 420

Making It Possible for the Horse to Eat Com- fortably 422

Finding a New Use for the Back of a Chair 423

A Safety Box for Carrying Blasting Caps 426

A Snake-Bite Proof Material for Soldiers' Leggings 429 A Tobacco-Pouch and Purse Holder Combined. . 429

Are You a Good or Poor Penman? 430

A Pocket Revolver No Bigger Than a Watch 431

Strap Your Purse to Your 'Tbumb. No One Can

Steal It Then 437

Imitating an Imitation 440

A Boy Starts the Hawaiian Pineapple Industry. 505


Eye-Glasses for Divers and Mermaids 506

Making Buttons. Bric-a-Brac and Silk from Milk . . 507

If Your Fur Coat Is Dingy Steam It 510

Handprints in Concrete 516

A Curious Finger Print 517

Transplanting Wild Animals to Stock the Parks . . 517

Building a House to Protect a House 525

A Simple Elevator Guard ' 525

A Hospital Clock 529

A Fireman's Suit of Water 529

A Practical Pile Protector 538

Selling H<#se Meat in New York 539

Soap Curiosities 563

The Two-in-One Watering Trough 563

Making Clothing from Nettle Fiber 565

Was This Inspired by Prohibitionists? 565

A Kentucky Woman Rises to Great Heights . . . 567

Did You Ever See a Million Dollars in Gold? 568

Handling Live Rattlers 574

Defending the Home with a Mousetrap Gun 577

Spinning a Top by Means of a Spring 577

Why Does Oil Poured on the Waters Calm the Sea? 579

Moses Didn't Want to Be Shod 580

Marks of Age in Dressed Poultry 582

Saved by a Tin Filled with Soup Cubes 582

Changing a Pistol Into a Rifle 585

A New Safety Pocfcet-Book 586

Using Waste Tanbark in Making Coarse Paper . . 595

Fires Which Ejitinguished Themselves 597

An Alarm Clock for Awakening the Deaf 602

A Small Filter for Light Machine Oils .... 603

Getting Rid of White Ants 603

Drawing Uncle Sam 644

A Stencil-Cutter and Typewriter 673

What Is a Man? Break a Thousand Eggs and

You'll Have His Contents 676

A Switchboard Operator Finds Time to Embroider 677

Corrugated Wood Block for Street Paving 678

A Potato Necklace 681

An Indian "Corn Mill" 682

Pumping Air to a Diver Through a Bicycle Pump 685

Foolproofing the Automatic Pistol 688

Pheonix, Arizona, Finds a New Use for the "Water

Wagon" 688

A Cyclone in Perspective 693

Long-Handled Trowel 703

Fire Escape Chutes for Children 711

Women Whitewash London Curbs 717

The Wonderful Watch in Your Pocket 721

Saving a Man from a Burning Building with His

Own Coat 727

Blasting Holes with Dynamite 731

Sharing Your Flowers with Distant Friends 731

Safety First as Applied to the Hammerless Gun. . 732 A Steel Body with Arms and Legs for the Diver. . 732

Stock Power Sand Screens for Small Jobs 735

Combining the Sword and Pistol in One Weapon . 742

Fresh Air in a Manhole Through a Mask 746

This Machine Tells You How Much to Flat 747

A Collapsible Barrel . 748

Two Hats with but a Single Crown 749

New Uses for the Rubber Sponge 752

Blow Up the Earth? Not with Dynamite 754

A House Made of Fire Relics 760

Beach Patrol of the Coast Guard 807

Catching Flies by the Barrelful 828

Making Pearls to Order 829

Saving the Miners 830

Testing Refrigerators 849

A Glass Lighter Than Cork 856

A Substitute for a "No Spitting" Placard 858

Perching the American Eagle 859

Newspapers Wipe Out Forests 859

Some Lessons from Deep-Sea Elvers 864

A Spiny Cactus Fence 865

Energy Elxpended in Coughing 866

Deaf Mutes Can Feel Music 870

Attaching the Phonograph to the Telephone 871

Moving a Telephone Switchboard Without Inter- rupting the Service 887

What One Gallon of Gasoline Will Do 888

Why Do Rifle and Shotgun Barrels Burst?. . 889

Three Separate Plans for Making a Gun Think . . 890

The Money That Goes Up the Chimney 898

Candling Eggs in the Newest Way Without the

Aid of a Dark Room 910

Turn on the Faucet and the Sausages Are Filled .. 911 Saving a Drowning Person with a Boat Ladder ... 914

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