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First the White-hot, Flowing Metal, Then the Mold,

���A ninety-ton steel crankshaft for an electric power-house engine loaded on a pair of big gun trucks. Compare this with the automobile crankshaft from a sixty-horsepower motor. The bolts are to secure the flywheel in place

��Below: Connecting rod for a large steel-mill engine. Note the size of the nuts on the bolts in the end where the man stands. The connecting rod of a sixty-horsepower auto- mobile is shorter than the crank-pin bearing

���Below: Rock crusher weighing 480,000 pounds, capable of crushing rocks as large as pianos at the rate of a thousand tons a min- ute. It is made almost wholly of steel castings

��Below. A flywheel weighing 120 tons which is nearly thirty feet in diameter. It was turned and made round and true in a great pit lathe. It is mounted on a 90-ton crankshaft

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